Biden 'secretly flying' hundreds of thousands of illegals into 43 cities

 March 6, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Joe Biden has flown some 320,000 illegal aliens directly into several American cities, creating a threat of another 9/11.

Or worse.

The New York Post documents that Biden has been "secretly flying" illegal aliens into U.S. cities, and billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has warned that "the groundwork is being laid for something far worse than 9/11."

On that day, terrorism struck America, with Islamist terrorists hijacking passenger jets and crashing them into the Pentagon, the Twin Towers in New York, and a field in Pennsylvania when a jet failed to reach the White House.

Nearly 3,000 innocent civilians died in the terror.

Now, on news of Biden's scheming to lower the "number" of illegals encountered at the border by flying them around the country, Musk said it's "just a matter of time" before terror strikes again.

"This administration is both importing voters and creating a national security threat from unvetted illegal immigrants," Musk said.

"This is why groups on the far left fight so hard to stop voter ID requirements, under the absurd guise of protecting the right to vote," he explained.

The reports on the issue cited the controversy over election security. While three dozen states require ID to vote, 14 others don't have any requirements, meaning anyone can vote.

"While Democratic lawmakers have deemed voter ID laws requiring photos 'unconstitutional,' Republicans have advocated for election reform as migrants increasingly overwhelm major American metros — and now airports," the report said.

The illegals have been dropped off an airports in 43 different cities, but federal officials refuse to provide any details.

The illegals arrive through a program called CBP One that lets them apply for parole to enter.

The Post noted Musk has been critical of Biden's open borders agenda.

Biden's programs have left even so-called "sanctuary" cities struggling to keep up with the demands from the illegals who are arriving.

"This is what happens when you run out of hotel rooms. Soon, cities will run out of schools to vacate. Then they will come for your homes," Musk warned.

According to the Daily Mail, "Customs and Border Protection has refused to disclose information about a program last year secretly arranging flights for thousands of undocumented immigrants from foreign airports directly to U.S. cities. It means that while record numbers of migrants were flowing over the southern border last year, the Biden White House was also directly transporting them into the country."

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