Biden scurries away after reporter mentions the word ‘Afghanistan’ at FEMA presser

President Joe Biden, once again, found himself the target of criticism this weekend as he stopped by the D.C. headquarters of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), where he provided an update on Hurricane Ida as it bore down on the Louisiana coast.

Though one assumes the president would know that the number one question on the mind of every reporter in the room would be about Afghanistan, Biden warned that while he wasn’t “supposed to take any questions,” he would anyway. But he quickly reneged on the offer when the first question asked was, in fact, about Afghanistan, Fox News reported

“I’m not gonna answer”

Biden’s appearance at FEMA’s headquarters was obviously an attempt to make it appear as if the president and his administration were fully dialed in to what was happening here at home, with the devastating Hurricane Ida set to rip apart the Louisiana coastline.

Following his prepared statement about the hurricane, it was clear that the gaggle of reporters in the room were ready to fire off questions. Biden, in response specifically to Bloomberg’s Jennifer Jacobs, said, “I’m not supposed to take any questions but go ahead.”

Jacobs proceeded with her question: “Mr. President, on Afghanistan…” As soon as Jacobs said the word Afghanistan, Biden immediately cut her off.

“I’m not gonna answer on Afghanistan now,” Biden reportedly said as he proceeded to walk away from the podium, which drew harsh criticism from media commentators.

Turn of events

Fast-forwarding to Monday night, a day before the posted deadline to evacuate all American troops, American citizens, and Afghan allies from the now Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, it was announced that the last of the U.S. troops were evacuated, catching both the media and Americans across the country off-guard, to say the least.

The announcement, which was formally delivered in an address to the nation — and really the world — by Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Monday night, Fox reported, left many scratching their heads wondering why Biden, and his top military brass, ended the mission while American citizens are still stranded on the ground, let alone probably thousands of Afghan allies.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed earlier in the day, along with the Pentagon, that a “small number” of Americans remained on the ground in Afghanistan, with reports outside of the media, from people on the ground, claiming that Americans were being turned away at the airport gates during the final hours of the evacuation effort.

Biden, who promised every citizen of this nation that all Americans who wanted to leave Afghanistan would be evacuated before the deadline, has grossly failed to follow through on that promise for what looks to be a decision made in the name of political expediency.

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