Former aide reveals Biden has ‘screamed at’ staffers

Despite his best efforts to appear easy-going and grandfatherly, Joe Biden has two more decidedly unpleasant faces that are often hidden by the media.

We all know about Creepy Uncle Joe, but Angry Joe is beginning to surface, courtesy of staff members who have been victims of his alleged verbal abuse. 

Creepy Uncle Joe

Among the D.C. media, Joe Biden is often referred to as Creepy Uncle Joe. His inappropriate touching has now been proven to be far more than just rumors.

If this happened against only adult women, it would be bad enough, but it goes much further than that. Biden, on more than one occasion, has draped his arms around young girls, making them quite uncomfortable.

Biden and his campaign have played this off as grandfatherly affection, but few people actually buy that explanation any longer.

Angry Joe

The other rumors concerning Biden have centered around his need to be the star of the room and his anger when things don’t go his way.

Reports say that Biden has been desperately trying to keep his son Hunter’s indiscretions and shady business deals away from the media and is now losing his cool with his staff for allowing the narrative to develop unchallenged.

His outbursts have, according to one report, have “intimidated” the staff so badly, many staff members are now afraid to even offer advice to the already twice-failed candidate.

One staffer told The New Yorker, “Everyone who works for him has been screamed at.”

A former White House aide stated, “When I asked members of Biden’s staff whether they discussed their concerns with the Vice President, several of them said that they had been too intimidated to do so.”

Staff members also stated when the subject of his family comes up and addressing it with Joe, he will sometimes just crawl into a shell, becoming very “melancholy,” as though the subject is deeply hurtful to him.

Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren are nipping at his heels in the polls, he’s undergoing heavy criticism for his questionable statements and actions regarding desegregation, and now he’s been exposed by his own staff members. It’s not looking good for Uncle Joe.

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