Report: Joe Biden scrambles for means to contact voters during COVID-19 shutdowns

As the coronavirus crisis escalates, the upcoming presidential election is the last thing on voters’ minds.

Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden is very aware of the fact that he’s unable to reach the American people during one of the most tumultuous times in recent history, and he told reporters this week that he’s “desperately” looking for a way to connect with voters. 

Biden is out of touch

It would appear as though Joe Biden has not been keeping up with the times very much. It would also appear that during his time as the Vice President, the White House was severely lacking in technology.

Either that or Biden has a really bad case of memory loss. Matt Viser, a political reporter for the Washington Post, recently sent out a tweet that should be alarming for anyone considering pulling the handle for Joe Biden…

It is not even overstating it to say Biden is clueless when it comes to this stuff. It was only last week that Breitbart reported on Joe Biden’s disastrous virtual town hall.

It got so bad that at one point, organizers had to put up the Biden slogan on the screen because Biden walked off camera while he was talking.

Struggling campaign

Biden is going to have to figure this roadblock out, though, because even though his campaign has had an increase in donations, his campaign is still cash poor, a situation likely to get significantly worse thanks the economic slowdown that is happening right now.

Even though failed presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg recently pledged a boatload of cash to the DNC’s election effort, Joe Biden’s campaign is still cash poor, a situation that will not serve him well when he has to go toe-to-toe with Trump’s war chest.

To offset that difference, Biden’s campaign is hoping it can encourage “potential new donors to sign up for future in-person events as a way to get them to continue.”

Until then, Biden is just going to have to lean on these awkward teleconferences to raise funds. It would almost be comical if the stakes were not so high.

We have seen Joe Biden forget what city he is in, confuse the office he is running for, confuse the coronavirus with other viruses, and even mistake his wife for his sister.

Now that all in-person campaign events have been canceled, Biden has faded into the background as Bernie Sanders has managed to stay relevant by pivoting to touting his proposed solutions for the coronavirus crisis. One week ago, Biden was the presumptive nominee. Now, he’s in danger of being completely forgotten.

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