Biden scandal moves to new level: 'SOMEONE IS LYING'

June 26, 2023
World Net Daily

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The Biden family long has been embroiled in scandal.

Parts of that include the prostitution and drugs revealed on Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop.

Then there are the allegations, with evidence, of members accepting bribes from foreign nationals.

Not far behind are the allegations of a protection racket being conducted by the FBI and DOJ to shield Bidens from their own actions, and the evidence there too.

But now it's moved even higher, according to Jonathan Turley, the Shapiro professor of public interest law at George Washington University.

He's not only testified as an expert before Congress, but he's also at times represented Congress in court.

In an online commentary, he explains that the situation now is that America knows someone is lying about the Bidens.

The question is who.

"Someone is lying. The allegations raised against the Department [of Justice] now have potentially criminal and impeachable elements. As such, the authority of Congress to investigate is at its apex. If U.S. Attorney General David Weiss was denied the ability to bring charges in two other jurisdictions and was denied a request for special counsel status, [Attorney General Merrick] Garland’s past statements to Congress stand contradicted. Alternatively, these whistleblowers (who offered detailed accounts, including the names of other witnesses) have lied to Congress," he said.

The solution, he suggested is that "the House must move forward and demand answers from Garland, Weiss, and others. It should also finally call in Hunter Biden, if necessary under compulsion, to end the obfuscation over these messages."

The details include an affirmation of Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who was assigned to investigate Hunter Biden, purportedly as a special counsel.

However, he has confirmed, to the IRS and FBI, "I’m not the deciding official."

But that conflicts with what Biden's attorney general, Garland, said Weiss had "total authority" in the case.

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