Biden says he would shut country down again if scientists recommend it

In hindsight, most people would probably agree that shutting down over the coronavirus for as long as we did was a mistake.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, however, says that he would shut the country back down in a heartbeat if the scientists recommended it to control COVID-19 and the flu.

“I would shut it down; I would listen to the scientists,” Biden said during an ABC News interview on Friday.

“I would be prepared to do whatever it takes to save lives because we cannot get the country moving, until we control the virus,” he explained.

“That is the fundamental flaw of this administration’s thinking to begin with. In order to keep the country running and moving and the economy growing, and people employed, you have to fix the virus, you have to deal with the virus,” he added.

Listening to the scientists

Listen to the science… that is, unless the science tells you something you don’t want to hear.

Scientists have stated that kids need to go back to school and we can safely vote in person with precautions, but Democrats don’t seem as interested in that.

When scientists told President Donald Trump he needed to shut down the country for 15 days to slow the spread, we all listened and went along.

When they told Trump we needed to keep it closed for another 30 days just to be safe, we all went along again.

Now, here we are about five months later and tens of millions of Americans are out of work, tens of thousands of businesses are closed for good, but with Joe Biden as president, it could all be shut down again… Watch:

This election is about survival, and Joe Biden is telling Americans right to their face that he simply does not care about their economic survival.

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