Biden says Fetterman will help pass an ‘assault weapons’ ban if elected

President Joe Biden just told Pennsylvania voters to vote for Democrat John Fetterman because Fetterman will help congressional Democrats to ban “assault weapons,” Breitbart News reports

Biden’s comments came during a speech that he gave at a Fetterman campaign event that was held in Pennsylvania on Saturday.

There, Biden said:

But here’s the deal: Public safety is why John got into public service in the first place. [Mehmet] Oz won’t do a thing about guns. But, John Fetterman will veto — with your votes, John Fetterman will be in the Senate and be able to help me add one more thing — what I got done when I was a senator: ban assault weapons.

“Ban them! Ban them. Ban them. They have no place in America,” Biden added.


Banning so-called assault weapons – which, to Biden, would include AR-15s, AK-47s, and the like – has been high on the president’s agenda ever since he entered the White House. He hasn’t been able to get it done, though, with the current composition of Congress.

Biden is hoping for better luck after the midterms. But, it doesn’t appear as though he is going to get his wish as Republicans are favored to take back the House and the quest for control of the Senate is a toss-up.

The Pennsylvania U.S. Senate race between Fetterman and Republican Mehmet Oz is a crucial one for control of the upper chamber. The polls have the race extremely tight. But, it is important to note that things have been trending in Oz’s favor.

This has been the case ever since Fetterman’s disastrous debate performance, in which it was made clear that there are legitimate questions about his fitness for office.

Trump weighs in

While Biden and former President Barack Obama were campaigning for Fetterman over the weekend, Trump was campaigning against Fetterman and for Oz.

Trump referred to Fetterman as “the most extreme and unhinged left-wing politician ever to run for office in Pennsylvania and maybe in the country.”

Trump explained:

Fetterman said that if he had one wish he would wish to end life sentences without parole for convicted murderers and rapists. He publicly bragged that his goal is to get as many criminals out of jail as he possibly can. These are killers. These are killers and drug lords. These are rapists at the highest level the most vicious rapist in the world. He wants them to get out.

“Fetterman is the single most dangerous Democrat seeking to join Congress this year, and Dr. Oz is the only one that can stop him, and he will stop him,” Trump said.

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