Biden revokes permit for Keystone pipeline, killing thousands of jobs

For months, President Joe Biden promised Americans that he had all the answers to virtually every problem facing America, including the temporary downturn in the American economy thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unlike his predecessor, Biden managed to break that promise on his first day in office, slashing some 70,000 jobs after signing an executive order that effectively killed the Keystone XL pipeline project that employs roughly 11,000 jobs, with another 60,000 jobs lost in positions that supported the critical pipeline project, Breitbart reported. 

Thousands of lost jobs

Unfortunately for hard-working, blue-collar Americans who depended on the project to make a living and feed their families, Biden revoked the permit for Keystone XL within hours of taking office, which immediately crushed high-paying union positions that were tied to the project.

Biden’s administration asserts that moving into “cleaner” energy will eventually offset the jobs lost by killing off such huge and important projects like Keystone XL, though that doesn’t do much for the families who will now face losing their homes and their way of life because of Biden’s attempt to appease radical, progressive environmentalists in his party.

In addition to destroying that project, the newly-installed president also halted construction on the border wall project at the southern U.S. border, which will take an untold number of jobs with it.

On the same day, Biden also suspended oil and gas permits for drilling and working on federal lands. Although the total job losses from that move haven’t been calculated yet, it’s not a stretch to assume that thousands more blue-collar jobs will go by the wayside as a result.

For all of the big labor unions that endorsed Biden over Trump in the 2020 election, one can only imagine the buyer’s remorse they must be experiencing.

Nasty fallout

A number of influential unions have already begun to criticize Biden’s early actions, especially given the fact that Biden promised to be one of the most pro-union presidents in modern history.

According to KOMO News, the head of the North American Building Trades Unions — a pro-Biden union in November — said that he was “deeply disappointed” in Biden’s decision to kill the pipeline project.

Several more unions followed suit, with the Laborers’ International Union of North America tweeting on Wednesday that, “The anticipated decision to cancel the #KeystonePipeline will kill thousands of good-paying #UNION jobs!”

The Association of Oil Pipe Lines and the United Association of Union Plumbers and Pipefitters also slammed Biden for taking such extreme measures. Both of those unions endorsed Biden for the 2020 presidency, but likely had no idea that he would be so quick to put thousands of their workers out of jobs.

Union endorsements are one of the prized possessions of any presidential candidate and while 2024 is a long way off, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if Biden has a difficult time mending those relationships when it’s time to ask for their support once again.

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