Biden reveals what he plans to do if SCOTUS ends collegiate affirmative action admissions practices

President Joe Biden just revealed the actions that he plans to take should the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court strike down affirmative action admissions practices. 

Biden did so while speaking with reporters last week. But, before we get to Biden’s plan, let’s take a look at what is going on.


The justices of the U.S. Supreme Court are considering two cases that center around the issue of race-based college admissions practices. One case regards Harvard University and the other, the University of North Carolina. The lawsuits have been brought by the Students for Fair Admissions.

The general issue in both cases is the extent to which colleges and universities ought to be allowed to use race as a factor in determining which applicants ought to be granted admission.

In the Harvard case, the lawsuit specifically alleges that the school’s admission practices unlawfully discriminate against Asian Americans by using a racial quota system that makes it more difficult for Asian Americans than for other races to be accepted. Harvard, as would be expected, has disputed this allegation. It’s a similar story in the North Carolina case.

The bad news for the universities is that things do not appear to be going their way.

The justices recently heard oral arguments in both cases, and the non-liberal justices – which, this time, would appear to include Chief Justice John Roberts – took the school’s legal team to task. Many experts are now predicting that the Supreme Court is likely to bar affirmative action-type college admissions practices.

Biden’s plan

It is with all of this going on in the background that a reporter, last week, asked Biden what he can and will do should the Supreme Court strike down affirmative action college admissions practices.

First off, Biden said that he has asked the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) “to defend the present policy before the Supreme Court.” And, Biden added that he is “not prepared to believe that the Supreme Court is going to overrule the pre- — the existing decision.”

Biden, however, then went on to suggest some things that his administration “can and must do.” Biden pointed to ensuring “that there’s an access to good education across the board,” and, here, Biden floated the idea of “starting education at age three,” claiming that studies show that this would increase “the prospect of someone making it through 12 years without any difficulty, no matter what the background they come from.”

Next, Biden argued for the government to provide two years of additional schooling for students after high school, whether that schooling be “apprenticeships” or “community colleges.” And, finally, Biden called for increased Pell Grants.

Notice a common thread running through these suggestions? It is keeping children and young adults under the government’s supervision for as long as possible – particularly during the individual’s formative years. Any guesses on why the political left would want to do that? This is a developing story that parents ought to keep their eyes on.

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