Biden reveals he’s given a ‘list’ of reporters to call on

President Joe Biden just admitted that the White House tells him which reporters to call on during press conferences. 

According to the Daily Caller, Biden made the admission on Thursday, during a joint press conference that he held with French President Emmanuel Macron.

“Who’s the next question”

Biden’s admission was caught on camera, and it can be seen here.

The 14-second video clip begins with Biden standing behind a podium, flanked by the U.S. and French flags, staring straight ahead, presumably at the press. Then, it appears that Biden remembers something.

The president looks down at the podium and begins to start looking through his notes while saying, “Okay, who’s the next question.” Biden continues to flip through his notes. Then, he says the quiet part out loud: “I’ve got my list here.”

Based on what happens next, Biden is clearly referring to a pre-selected list of reporters whom the White House has instructed him to call upon.

Biden proceeds to actually pick the list up. He looks down at it, and then up into the crowd of reporters. “Is it my turn to call on someone?” And, after giving the go-ahead, he says, “Okay, how about NPR Tamara Keither?”

It’s not the first time

This is very far from the first time that Biden has admitted that he is given a list of reporters to call on at press conferences. It’s not even the worst of the admissions.

A little less than a month ago, following the midterm elections, Biden made the admission in an even more egregious way.

“Now, I’ve been given a list of ten people that I’m supposed to call on, and you’re all supposed to ask me one question, but I’m sure you’ll ask me more. So, let me start off with the list I’ve been given.”

Biden actually ended up calling on nine reporters, according to Fox News. The reporters were from the Associated Press, CBS News, CNN, Reuters, ABC News, Bloomberg, The Grio, NBC News, and the New York Times.

There is at least one conspicuous absence there – Fox News.

It’s all scripted

The internet is filled with many other examples of Biden admitting that he is given a list of pre-approved reporters to call on. The list always seems to have the same leftist outlets on it. The White House has refused to explain the list, including how the reporters on the list are selected.

But, by now, it’s clear that Biden’s press conferences are heavily scripted. It’s not as bad as communist China’s state-run “news,” but it isn’t that far off.

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