Biden resumes Camp David getaway amid Taliban takeover in Afghanistan

President Joe Biden has faced mounting criticism for his handling of the U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, remaining largely hidden from public view during the past few days of unrest in that country.

Although he emerged from seclusion for one speech in which he sought to blame others for the collapse of the Afghan regime, he reportedly returned to Camp David to continue an extended getaway. 

Biden in hiding

As Breitbart reported, the president has spent more time at Camp David or his home in Delaware than he did at the White House over the past two weeks.

He did deliver brief remarks at the White House on Monday, though he took no questions from reporters and soon returned to his outing at the presidential retreat in Maryland.

Meanwhile, the Taliban has reasserted control across Afghanistan and is resuming its totalitarian oppression of the Afghan people.

Biden rhetorically accepted responsibility for the events of the past few days, though he spent much of Monday’s speech casting aspersions on the Afghan military and government, not to mention his predecessor, former President Donald Trump.

He failed to mention, however, that he changed the terms of a withdrawal plan hammered out under the Trump administration last year and prematurely withdrew equipment and other support provided to the Afghans over the course of nearly two decades.

Afghanistan falls

In reality, his declaration this week was little more than a reiteration of a statement just days earlier in which he similarly dodged accountability for his mishandling of the military drawdown.

As for Biden’s extended Camp David retreat, the Washington Post joined some other media outlets in publishing a fairly critical report documenting a White House and Pentagon caught “flat-footed” and in contradiction of prior claims that Afghan forces would be able to hold back Taliban insurgents.

Instead, Afghanistan fell under Taliban control before the U.S. troop withdrawal had even concluded, leaving the Biden administration scrambling in a desperate bid to evacuate thousands of Americans and allies.

NBC News provided a timeline of the current crisis, beginning in early May when the Taliban began taking control of rural and outlying districts. By July, the terrorist network controlled roughly half of the country.

The Taliban kicked its mission into high gear in recent days, setting in motion the dominos that fell in quick succession until most of the capital city of Kabul was taken without much of a fight. Biden reacted by continuing his vacation and generally resuming his duties as if a major foreign policy disaster was not unfolding.

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