Hunter Biden resigns board position with Chinese equity firm

For someone who is not doing “anything wrong,” Hunter Biden seems very willing to walk away from some rather lucrative positions to get the public eye off of his dealings.

In an effort to end the attacks being made against the Bidens by Donald Trump, Hunter Biden announced that he will be stepping down from his position on the board of Chinese equity firm, the Daily Mail reports.

Nothing to See Here

Democrats will tell you that Joe Biden did nothing wrong because he did not directly benefit from any of his actions. Hunter Biden will tell you the same thing, and takes it a step further by saying one of his positions was not even paid while his father was in office.

So let’s really try to understand this logic: Joe Biden quite possibly used his influence as the vice president of the United States to help his son get a massive influx of operating capital ($1.5 billion) as well as a board position with an energy company that paid $600,000 per year?

What makes everything smell even worse is the fact that Hunter Biden had absolutely no experience in the energy sector when all of this happened.

Hunter’s Career

Hunter Biden’s background includes a bachelor’s degree in history from Georgetown University. After then attending law school at Georgetown for one year, Biden transferred to Yale and received his law degree in 1996.

His first job out of school was for MBNA America, a major contributor to Joe Biden’s many political campaigns.

After Joe Biden became vice president, Hunter Biden conveniently decided to launch an equity firm, which was financed by Chinese investors less than two weeks after Hunter traveled with his father to Asia on Air Force 2.

Hunter admits to meeting with the investors during that trip, but says it was purely casual and business was never discussed. We are now supposed to believe that Hunter was in the same room as the people who soon wrote him a check for $1.5 billion and business never came up?

Hunter Biden is currently on the board of BHR (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Company, a position he says he will leave at the end of this month.

But if he is doing nothing wrong, why would he have to leave? Nobody expected Trump’s children to leave their jobs after Donald Trump became president, so why would Hunter need to leave if everything is on the up and up?

This is the Bidens trying to do damage control and cut off the narrative before the people of this country find out the truth, but it isn’t going to work. The old saying “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” seems applicable here. The plumes are very thick coming out of the Biden household right now, and it seems likely that a wildfire is about to begin.

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