Former WH doc Rep. Ronny Jackson demands Biden ‘resign’ over apparent lack of cognitive capabilities

Rep. Ronnie Jackson (R-TX), who previously served as the White House physician under both former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, has long been highly critical of current President Joe Biden.

Now, Jackson is calling for Biden to resign from office because he is “not cognitively capable” of being an effective leader for the United States, The Daily Wire reported.

This is just the latest instance of the Republican congressman from Texas calling into question the mental fitness and cognitive capabilities of the current elderly occupant of the White House.

Biden “not cognitively capable of leading”

Rep. Jackson’s latest critique of President Biden came in a fiery tweet that was posted Friday evening by the former White House doctor-turned-congressman.

“Biden doesn’t know what’s going on with Ukraine. He doesn’t know what’s going on with ANYTHING! He’s not cognitively capable of leading. He needs to RESIGN before our country suffers any more,” Jackson tweeted.

The former doctor’s assertion was undoubtedly concerning President Biden’s middling response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine which has featured sharply provocative rhetoric and crushing sanctions mixed with messaging indicating that U.S. forces won’t become directly involved in the fighting that is occurring within Ukraine.

Biden “not fit to be our president”

This certainly isn’t the first time that Rep. Jackson has called into question President Biden’s mental fitness in relation to his leadership abilities, with the most recent prior occurrence being in an interview with Fox News just before the start of the Russian invasion.

“The whole country is seeing his mental cognitive issues on display for over a year now, and there’s really no question in most people’s minds that there’s something going on with him, that he’s not cognitively the same as he used to be and, in my mind, not fit to be our president right now,” Jackson said of Biden in late February.

“Every time he gets up and talks to the American people, it’s not just the American people that are watching him speak, it’s the whole world, and that’s part of what the problem is here,” he continued at that time. “He looks tired, he looks weak, he looks confused, he’s incoherent, and it sends a message of weakness all over the world, and they’re seizing up on that.”

Jackson went on to say that there were “40 years of tape” of Biden that people could review and compare with what is being observed today to see the difference for themselves. “We should have strong leaders that are going to go out and lead,” he added. “He cannot lead, he’s an ineffective leader.”

Cognitive test demanded

Before that, Jackson had called out Biden’s qualifications and mental capabilities during a press conference the president conducted in January to mark the completion of his first year in office.

“BIDEN JUST IGNORED A QUESTION ABOUT HIS COGNITIVE DECLINE! Something is WRONG with him,” the congressman wrote on Twitter at that time. “This man IS NOT qualified to be President!! I am demanding he have a cognitive test NOW. There’s too much on the line, we need to know!”

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