Joe Biden says he would consider a Republican running mate

Earlier this week, Joe Biden made a statement that had jaws on both sides of the aisle dropping.

Biden, while making an appearance in New Hampshire, stated he would consider a Republican running mate if he wins the nomination.

No one expected it

Biden made the surprising statement in response to a question from a voter in the audience. The voter asked Biden if a Republican running mate was a possibility.

Biden immediately responded that it was, but he did not see anyone in the party that would fit the bill right now.

He then went on a long-winded explanation of how Republicans need to step up and how they would have to be on the same page for key issues.

At this point, there is not a single Republican man that comes to mind — even Mitt Romney — that would even consider running on the same ticket with Biden.

Disbelief and outrage

For being the golden boy of the party, Joe Biden may have put himself in some serious jeopardy.

Among those outraged was Tim Wise, a leftwing writer, who called for everyone to boycott Joe Biden…

From the right, most were just shaking their heads knowing Biden would actually never follow through on something like this.

Biden is trying to portray himself as some type of unifier, but he only comes across as out-of-touch.

Joe Biden clearly only stands for whatever position that will make his audience happy, and more often than not, it simply sends those on both sides of the aisle into a rage.

Especially in light of the recent rumors that Biden is considering running for only one term, the left is sure to be even more put off by their current frontrunner after these comments.

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