Biden removes mask, appears to touch mouth repeatedly during outdoor campaign event

While President Donald Trump has faced continued criticism for his reluctance to wear a mask in public, his presumptive rival in November’s election has made it a point to cover his face amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Nevertheless, video released by his own campaign shows former Vice President Joe Biden adjusting his mask and even touching his face multiple times, effectively nullifying the purpose of the preventative measure, as Breitbart reported.

An ineffective method

Medical experts advise that wearing a face mask when social distancing is not an option can be somewhat effective in preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

Of course, that benefit is only possible when a person’s mouth and nose are covered and is reduced significantly by adjusting the covering or, worse yet, directly touching the face with germ-laden hands.

It is in that context that Biden received a dose of opprobrium over a video clip recorded during a meeting with a few supporters outside of a sports bar in Pennsylvania on Wednesday.

The problem comes when he pulls his mask down to speak, and appears to repeatedly touch his fingers to his mouth while doing so.

Take a look:

A second video

A similar scene played out in another video clip shared in support of the presumptive Democratic nominee, revealing him apparently struggling with his mask while again touching his face repeatedly with his hands, as Breitbart reported.

Biden has faced criticism from Trump and some of the president’s allies over his insistence on wearing a mask. Fox News Channel personality Brit Hume shared a photo of Biden wearing one, suggesting that the look “might help explain why Trump doesn’t like to wear a mask in public.” The president retweeted his remark.

Of course, if Biden is going to wear a mask, it only makes sense to leave it on for the duration of his remarks instead of his counterproductive habit of removing it and touching his mouth before once again covering his face.

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