Biden refuses to take questions from reporters after recent remarks

President Joe Biden has attracted widespread criticism for his frequent dismissal of questions being asked by White House reporters.

That trend continued this week when the president turned and walked away from reporters following remarks in D.C. on Thursday.

A distressing tradition

According to Fox News, Biden was speaking from the Eisenhower Executive Office Building about the COVID-19 pandemic and ended his scripted address, which prompted members of the press to begin asking questions.

The outlet described his penchant for turning away and ignoring questions as a new presidential tradition.

In that vein, Thursday’s display was just the latest in a long line of similarly dismissive responses to important questions about policies that impact every American.

Late last week, for example, he refused to take questions following his remarks about the latest employment report. Those numbers notably found that the U.S. economy added roughly 300,000 fewer jobs than expected.

While such an enormous missed goal might have been a prime opportunity for reporters to ask relevant follow-up questions, Biden did not give them an opportunity.

Concerns about Biden’s mental fitness

A similar scene unfolded on Wednesday. After he spoke earlier this week on broader economic issues, including inflation caused in part by supply chain interruptions, reporters attempted to pepper Biden with questions as he turned his back and walked away.

For many supporters of President Donald Trump, the current administration is a stark contrast to one of the most transparent commanders in chief of all time. Trump regularly fielded questions from reporters, including those who clearly opposed him and his administration.

As for why Biden and his aides have staked out a much different strategy, many Americans believe that it is an effort to downplay the president’s decreasing cognitive function.

Political commentator Joe Concha recently opined that Biden’s “handlers simply won’t allow” him to take questions, which prior media reports appear to confirm.

Although Biden has long been known as a gaffe-prone politician, his behavior on the campaign trail and since his inauguration have led to increased concern about his mental fitness for the job. In fact, a poll last month found that less than half of all respondents believe Biden is up to the task.

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