Joe Biden in 1974: ‘I was ready to prostitute myself’ to big donors

Joe Biden simply cannot escape the errors of his past.

During a panel discussion in 1974, Biden openly admitted to trying — and failing — to “prostitute” himself to the big-money donors.

During the same debate, the then-future VP went go on to chastise politicians who bow to big money. (Yes, really.)

Haunting History

Biden was just 29-years-old when he declared the American political system corrupt, citing the influence of big-money donors.

According to Biden, politicians are forced to go to the “people who have money,” the end up stuck bowing to donors’ demands.

“How long is the American public going to put up with a small group of men an organizations determining the political process by deciding who can run and who can’t run?” Biden asked at the time.

But while there’s no doubt some controversial cashflow going on in Washington, this may not have been the most tasteful way to say it. Take a look for yourself:

Don’t Say It, Joe

During the 2016 election, it was amazing to see the amount of money both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump raised from small donors.

But Biden apparently doesn’t think he can generate that type of interest from small money donors ahead of 2020.

To this end, during a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Biden admitted that he will probably have to go after the donors with deep pockets — the same ones the former vice president criticized in 1974.

Could that mean people like George Soros will be writing big checks for Biden?

Only time will tell.

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