Biden breaks campaign promise to reduce partisan political games, fires Trump-appointed lawyer

President Joe Biden has fired U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) General Counsel Sharon Gustafson after she refused to step down from her position, Fox News reported.

According to Fox, Biden’s decision to fire Gustafson, a lawyer appointed under former President Donald Trump, is a first, as never before has a general counsel been removed in such a fashion.

Biden previously claimed that he would end partisanship in Washington, but he has broken that promise by interfering with a position that is normally free of Washington’s toxic partisanship.

Gustafson responded to the news by saying: “I have confidently given this advice to countless embattled clients over the last 25 years: hold your head high, do your best work, and do not resign under pressure. I stand in solidarity with them, I will follow that advice.”

“Unprecedented firing”

Gustafson penned a letter to President Biden accusing him of suppressing her work in fighting for religious freedom. “I can only assume that my resignation would be followed by similar suppression of our work promoting religious freedom,” Gustafson said.

While many can speculate on Biden and Gustafson’s working relationship, it is clear that firing her was a blatantly partisan move.

Gop Rep. Virginia Foxx (NC) blasted President Biden for it, saying, “This is a pattern. President Biden calls for the end to ‘partisan warfare,’ only to turn around and demand that Senate-confirmed officials resign so he can make room for his left-wing friends.”

According to Politico, President Biden was willing to pay lip service to the idea of bipartisanship on the campaign trail. Now that he is in office, those sentiments have seemingly gone out the window, and the media is silent as the grave in the face of Biden’s broken promises.

“President Biden should take a note from General Counsel Gustafson, who stuck to her commitment and refused to cave to partisan pressure. This unprecedented firing of an honorable public official which occurred just hours after she was asked to resign is unwarranted and should be immediately rescinded,” Foxx said.

The political games continue

Gustafson’s removal wouldn’t be as notable had Biden not falsely claimed that he would heal political divides. It also wouldn’t be a stretch to presume that many Americans are beginning to feel as if they’ve been lied to.

The political games will undoubtedly continue, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for either Republicans or Democrats. Americans who voted for Biden are quickly learning that Biden meant “business as usual.”

The closest we have come to real change to Washington was President Trump. Both the establishment GOP and the entirety of the Democratic Party united to throw him out of office in order to return to their old games. Now, we’re witnessing first-hand the devastating consequences.

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