Biden poses for pic with kids wearing pro-Trump campaign gear

President Joe Biden addressed a memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Following that event, he attracted attention for posing in a picture with children wearing hats and shirts supporting former President Donald Trump.

White House responds to negative press

The image quickly went viral on social media, leading to speculation that the children or their parents had arranged the meeting in an effort to embarrass the president.

Of course, the president has been on the receiving end of negative press coverage on various fronts in recent weeks — and this photo seems to indicate that the trend will not be reversing anytime soon.

The White House has been busy offering political spin and extinguishing public relations fires since a disastrous U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and associated evacuation effort.

He has long sparked concerns about his cognitive ability as critics claim he seems completely clueless about fundamental issues impacting the nation. His leadership has been seen as exceptionally weak — especially in comparison to other nations — and America’s reputation abroad appears to be taking a hit as a result.

The latest incident involving pro-Trump children gathering around Biden for a photo-op reinforces the narrative that Biden seems unaware of what is happening around him. His staffers have reportedly sought to limit his exposure to reporters and are actively ignoring his unscripted remarks in hopes of missing a potentially humiliating flub.

“Just had a picture taken”

Based on concerns about cognitive decline as well as disillusionment concerning his administration’s policies, a growing number of Republicans are now openly calling for Biden to be removed from office.

It increasingly appears that even Democrats are losing faith in Biden’s abilities.

Despite precautions his aides have put in place to limit the potential of a particularly harmful gaffe, nothing has been successful in preventing a stream of negative headlines.

Biden did address the kids clad in pro-Trump garb in a subsequent statement that took a thinly veiled swipe at his predecessor.

“I think the real issue for those kids that — just had a picture taken with — couple of them had Trump hats from last year — I think, for them, it’s going to be: Are we going to, in the next four, five, six, 10 years, demonstrate that democracies can work, or not?” he asked.

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