Biden’s poor approval numbers on major issues signal potential electoral disaster for Democrats

President Joe Biden entered office with decent job approval ratings, but those numbers have steadily declined over the past year as the American people have witnessed and experienced first-hand the negative impact on the nation of Biden’s weak leadership and leftist policies.

One recent poll further suggested that Biden’s fellow Democrats will pay the price electorally for the president’s failures, particularly on a handful of issues that are typically deemed to be most important to the average American voter, Breitbart reported.

Those top issues are consumer price inflation, the economy more broadly, and rising crime, and on each issue, voters overwhelming pick Republicans over Democrats as being best suited to address those concerns.

Most voters unhappy with Biden’s job performance

The poll referenced by Breitbart was the latest from ABC News/Washington Post, and it surveyed 1,004 adults — including 907 registered voters — between April 24-28, with a margin of error of 3.5 percent and, notably, a partisan lean in favor of Democrats over Republicans in terms of the demographic breakdown of those polled.

First, the topline takeaway of President Biden’s current job approval rating, which according to the pollsters stands at 42 percent approve and 52 percent disapprove, a number that includes only 21 percent who “strongly” approve of Biden’s performance compared to 42 percent who “strongly” disapprove of the job he has done thus far.

Looking ahead to the 2022 midterm elections in November, Biden’s standing in terms of his approval rating actually places him in a worse position than nearly all of his recent predecessors who, with few exceptions due to extenuating circumstances, saw their party suffer substantial losses in Congress in their first midterm elections.

Dems lose to Repubs on major issues

With regard to the issues deemed most important to a majority of voters, right now inflation is far and away the biggest one and Biden is failing substantially in that regard, as only 28 percent approve of how he has handled the problem compared to 68 percent who disapprove.

Of inflation more generally, 44 percent said they were “upset” over the surging prices while 50 percent said they were “concerned” but not necessarily upset and a mere 6 percent reported being entirely unconcerned with the higher prices everybody is paying for goods and services.

That doesn’t bode well for Democrats in Congress, as the poll’s respondents picked Republicans over Democrats as the party most capable of dealing with inflation by a margin of 50-31 percent. Likewise, the GOP was picked over the Dems in terms of the economy more broadly, 50-36 percent.

Then there is the issue of rising crime, where 47 percent of voters side with Republicans compared to 35 percent with Democrats, as well as immigration, where the GOP again prevails by a count of 43-40 percent over their Democratic rivals.

Net negative approval rating

As for President Biden’s 42-52 negative approval rating in this ABC News/Washington Post poll, that appears to be in line with most other major polls.

In fact, the RealClearPolitics average of polls pegs Biden’s approval at 42.2 percent and disapproval at 53 percent, for a negative net rating of -10.8 percentage points. That is simply not good for the president or his party with crucial House and Senate elections mere months away.

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