Biden and his lax enforcement policies blamed for murders of U.S. citizens and legal residents by criminal illegal migrants

 December 27, 2023

An unknown number of U.S. citizens and legal immigrants, potentially numbering in the hundreds if not thousands, are murdered every year by illegal immigrants who've been permitted by the federal government to remain unlawfully in the country.

The blame for many if not all of those murders has now been laid at the feet of President Joe Biden due to his decidedly lax policies of non-enforcement of the nation's border security and immigration laws, according to Breitbart.

The outlet highlighted just a few of the most egregious cases of murders committed within the past year by illegal immigrants against U.S. citizens and legal migrants that can be linked to the policies of the current administration.

Citizens and legal residents murdered by illegal immigrants

Just this month, Breitbart reported that a 16-year-old high school cheerleader named Lizbeth Medina was found dead in a bathtub in her Texas home by her mother, after which a 23-year-old illegal alien named Rafael Govea Romero was arrested and charged for the murder by police.

In August, on the first day of school in Ohio, 11-year-old Aidan Clark was killed when the bus he was riding on crashed and flipped over after it was struck by a minivan driven by a drunk driver identified as 35-year-old illegal alien Hermanio Joseph.

In June, a Texas grandmother named Diane Hill Luckett, 68, was mortally injured and died about a week later after her vehicle was struck by a car driven by 37-year-old illegal alien Anastacio Bemol Mendoza, who flew through a red light and fled the scene and later admitted to police that he'd been drunk and high on cocaine and meth at the time of the incident.

In May, Florida's St. John's County Sheriff's Sgt. Michael Kunovich died shortly after he collapsed following a physical struggle with 18-year-old illegal alien Virjilio Aguilar-Mendez.

Perhaps the most notorious of such instances occurred in April in Texas when 38-year-old illegal alien Francisco Oropeza Perez-Torres shot and killed all five members of a Honduran family who'd legally migrated to the U.S.

In virtually all of those incidents and more, the murderers had been apprehended at the border after entering the country illegally -- if not been previously deported back to their nation of origin -- but had been processed by government officials and released into the interior of the country.

Illegal migrants with criminal records

It is rather unfortunate -- some might even argue it is deliberate -- that there is a decided lack of definitive numbers on how many U.S. citizens and legal migrants are killed annually by illegal immigrants.

Estimates range from as low as a few dozen or a few hundred to perhaps as many as a few thousand per year, but regardless of how high or low that figure might be there is still a level of accountability and blame that can be attributed to the Biden administration's policies that have allowed criminal illegal immigrants to enter and reside in the country -- an unknown number of whom go on to commit more crimes against citizens, legal residents, and other illegal migrants.

In fact, according to the most recent numbers from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, more than 15,000 "criminal noncitizens" were arrested by Border Patrol agents in FY23 -- an unknown number of whom were later processed and released instead of deported -- which included at least 29 known murderers.

Biden's policies also harming the same migrants he purports to protect

Ironically, a Heritage Foundation report in June -- which also highlighted some of the horror stories of murderous illegal migrants in the U.S. -- President Biden's policies are actually proving quite deadly for the same migrants that his administration purports to help with its lax enforcement policies.

Hundreds of migrants have died while making the dangerous cross-border trek -- and thousands more have been assaulted, robbed, or sexually abused -- by criminal illegal immigrants who have taken advantage of Biden's welcoming policies to prey upon the weak and less fortunate.

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