Biden posted photo of SOTU speech to Twitter, hilarity ensues in comment section

President Joe Biden delivered his State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, but prior to that speech, he gave the American people a tiny preview of what was to come.

In a Twitter post on Monday morning, Biden displayed the first page of his prepared remarks, which prompted a backlash of snarky critiques from commenters, the Conservative Brief reported.

Biden shares speech preview

President Biden’s post to Twitter on Monday simply stated, “Getting ready,” and included a photo of his prepared remarks in a binder in front of him along with a plate of half-eaten cookies, a couple of coffee mugs from the Camp David Presidential Retreat, and a bottle of water.

As can be seen in the photo, the first page of his speech contained the perfunctory recognition of various VIP officials in attendance, such as the House Speaker and vice president, the first lady and second gentleman, members of Congress and Cabinet officials, military leaders and members of the Supreme Court, and, of course, the American people who would be watching from home.

All of that was followed by the instructive word “pause” in brackets at the bottom — which is what some of the president’s critics keyed in on.

As one example, conservative immigration attorney Matthew Kolken offered Biden the friendly reminder, “Make sure you don’t read the word inside the brackets Mr. President.”

Biden set the stage for this to happen

The tweet trackers at Twitchy compiled numerous other humorous responses to President Biden’s posted photo of his State of the Union address.

That included plenty of jokes about his need to practice to compensate for his faulty memory and propensity for gaffes, references to other past misstatements, quips about the Chinese spy balloon, and even cracks about the plate of cookies and, presumably, a glass of warm milk just out of view, if not some applesauce and a juice box.

Numerous digs also took note of the rather large font and extra spacing between lines, while some suggested the speechwriters should have included pictures to assist him, and at least one user photoshopped the picture to turn the speech binder into a colorful children’s pop-up book.

Still others sarcastically expressed their hope that Biden’s speech would include an unexpected apology for his many mistakes and an announcement of his impending resignation.

Fact-checked in real-time by GOP members

Unfortunately for the American people, President Biden’s State of the Union address was nothing more than a rehashed variation of the same sort of speech, regardless of the purported topic, that he has delivered on countless occasions and in various locales over the past year.

That means it was full of disingenuous bragging about his supposed accomplishments and blatantly dishonest attacks against his political opponents.

For what it is worth, however, Biden was unable to get away with those lies and half-truths without being challenged by Republicans who fact-checked him in real-time with boos and laughter, shouts and yells, in an effort to correct and hold him accountable for his claims.

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