‘No federal solution’: Biden seems to admit defeat in recent phone call with governors

As a candidate, President Joe Biden made it clear that he intended to succeed in bringing the COVID-19 pandemic under control.

Less than a year into his term, however, he appears to be conceding defeat, as he announced to a group of governors in a recent call.

“Solved at the state level”

According to Fox News, the president told state leaders that there is “no federal solution” to the ongoing public health crisis.

Although he harshly criticized his predecessor for failing to bring the infection rate down and has pursued a range of federal mandates meant to do exactly that, COVID-19 continues to impact vaccinated and unvaccinated Americans alike across the nation.

As a result, Biden is now employing revised rhetoric, telling governors that the pandemic will only be “solved at the state level.”

His remarks came during a conference call on Monday with members of the National Governors Association. The group’s chairman, GOP Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, expressed initial concerns that led to the president’s assessment.

At one point in the call, the governor noted a recent White House announcement concerning the availability of 500 million rapid in-home COVID-19 tests.

“Dries up the supply chain”

“And so, one word of concern or encouragement for your team is that … as you look toward federal solutions that will help alleviate the challenge, make sure that we do not let federal solutions stand in the way of state solutions,” Hutchinson advised.

Calling the availability of rapid tests on the federal level a “great” step forward, the Arkansas Republican noted that it also “dries up the supply chain for the solutions that we might offer as governor.”

In response, Biden thanked Hutchinson for his concern and added: “Look, there is no federal solution. This gets solved at the state level.”

The president’s admission led to some criticism from political opponents, including the Republican National Committee, which called him a “hypocrite” for initially claiming he “would shut down the virus” only to renege when it became clear that “he failed to do so.”

Even as Biden now claims that there is no federal solution to the ongoing pandemic, his administration continues to push for sweeping mandates requiring private citizens to wear face masks, receive vaccines, or undergo frequent testing to engage in various aspects of society.

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