Biden links Paul Pelosi assault to Jan. 6 Capitol riot and Trump election fraud claims in SOTU speech

Ever since Paul Pelosi, the husband of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), was physically assaulted in the couple’s San Francisco home in October, Democrats and their media allies have insistently attempted to place blame for that attack on former President Donald Trump.

President Joe Biden himself did so on Tuesday during his State of the Union address, during which he linked together the Pelosi assault and the Jan. 6 Capitol riot of 2021 as both being directly attributable to his predecessor Trump’s dispute of the 2020 election results, the Daily Wire reported.

Biden blames Trump … of course

Near the conclusion of his speech, while riffing on the importance of “democracy,” President Biden said, “Over the last few years, our democracy has been threatened and attacked, put at risk — put to the test in this very room on January the 6th.”

“And then, just a few months ago, an unhinged Big Lie assailant unleashed a political violence at the home of the then-Speaker of the House of Representatives, using the very same language the insurrectionists used as they stalked these halls and chanted on January 6th,” he continued, with the “Big Lie” phrase being a reference to former President Trump’s claims of election fraud.

“Here tonight, in this chamber, is the man who bears the scars of that brutal attack but is as tough and as strong and as resilient as they get: my friend, Paul Pelosi. Paul, stand up,” Biden added to a standing ovation.

After the applause for Pelosi died down, Biden said, “But such a heinous act should have never happened. We must all speak out. There is no place for political violence in America.”

“We have to protect the right to vote, not suppress the — that fundamental right. Honor the results of our elections, not subvert the will of the people. We have to uphold the rule of the law and restore trust in our institutions of democracy. And we must give hate and extremism in any form no safe harbor,” the president added.

Far-right, far-left, or just mentally disturbed?

The repeated attempts to label Paul Pelosi’s attacker, David DePape, as some sort of far-right, pro-Trump MAGA extremist is a bit of a stretch, as the Daily Wire noted that he, an illegal immigrant from Canada, had “expressed a mix of fringe political views across the political spectrum.”

Indeed, even the left-leaning New Yorker noted that DePape had been a hemp jewelry-making nudist who had supported the late communist Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and resided at a home in Berkeley, California adorned with LGBTQ Pride rainbow flags and Black Lives Matter signs — prior to becoming a believer in a wide range of predominately anti-government and anti-globalist elite conspiracy theories, some of which are shared by the generally pro-Trump QAnon movement.

The point of that New Yorker article was to highlight the futility of the media’s rush to pin ideological labels on perpetrators of violence and immediately assign blame and motive for their acts — particularly in a case like this one where there is ample evidence to support either of the dueling claims that DePape was a far-left wackjob or right-wing extremist and, in reality, he was probably just a lost individual suffering from a mental health breakdown.

It isn’t all Trump’s fault

As for President Biden’s condemnation of “political violence,” it is perhaps telling that he chose to highlight the assault on Pelosi but left out other remarkably overt acts of political violence perpetrated by the ideological left, such as the attempted assassination of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh or the wave of dozens of incidents of threats and vandalism against pro-life pregnancy resource centers nationwide by an extreme far-left pro-abortion activist group.

To be sure, the president is absolutely correct in saying that political violence is unacceptable and that “hate and extremism in any form” should be confronted and opposed.

That said, the message from Biden would likely be broadly accepted and supported if he himself would call out the examples of such on his own side instead of incessantly furthering the patently false narrative that everything bad that happens these days is linked in some way to former President Trump and his supporters.

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