Biden faces hecklers at Independence Day parade in Iowa: ‘Where’s your walker?’

Despite being similar in age, there is a vast and plainly obvious difference in energy level between President Donald Trump and the front-running 2020 Democratic candidate, “Sleepy” Joe Biden — a difference Biden has been studiously attempting to overcome.

That was no doubt the former vice president’s intention during an appearance at the Fourth of July parade in Independence, Iowa on Thursday, where Biden jogged down the street between groups of supporters — but not all parade attendees bought the notion that he is healthy, fit, and energized.

“Where’s your walker?”

The Washington Examiner reported that the 76-year-old was one of several 2020 Democratic presidential contenders to make an appearance at the parade in Independence, Iowa — but his attempt to change the narrative about his level of energy and fitness couldn’t have been more transparent.

At one point while Biden jogged down 2nd Street, a spectator in the crowd reportedly yelled out: “Where’s your walker?”

At another point, a spectator referred to him as “Sleepy Joe,” the nickname President Trump has bestowed upon the leading Democratic candidate.

Biden reportedly challenged that man to join him in his jog, but the man declined to do so.

Facing hecklers

Marianna Sotomayor, an NBC News reporter covering the Biden campaign, tweeted photos and videos of the event. Her reporting makes it clear that though President Trump was not physically present at the parade in Iowa, his supporters were there to represent the GOP.

A brief snippet of a video posted by Sotomayor showed Biden jogging from one group of his supporters to another — but it was what was heard in the background that really drew some attention.

Chants of “Biden!” were met with chants of “Trump!” from the president’s supporters at the parade.

The health question

Biden is trying very hard to portray himself as energized, healthy, ready to take on the grueling process of running for president — but that effort has not been successful at all, and jogging short distances between groups of supporters at a small-town parade didn’t help matters.

The truth is, President Trump will run circles around anybody the Democratic Party puts up to take him on.


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