Report: Leader of new Biden super PAC is a foreign agent

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has been running from questions about his own uses of power back in 2016, and the attacks on President Donald Trump have served as a good distraction.

However, Biden has been blindsided by reports that the treasurer of a new super PAC supporting his campaign is a foreign agent, sparking new rumors of foreign collusion. 

Former Soviet Republic

The super PAC, formed under the name “Unite the Country,” has the goal of spending millions of dollars to boost Biden’s campaign.

The Federalist’s Sean Davis reported that PAC treasurer Larry Rasky, who has previously worked for Biden, is listed as a foreign agent, according to FEC filings.

Rasky is listed as a foreign agent because of his active lobbying for the government of Azerbaijan, a former Soviet republic.

The PAC that Rasky is essentially leading came at just the right time for the Biden campaign. Biden was failing to meet fundraising goals and needed the money the super PAC will provide.

This, of course, raises serious questions about what Rasky’s goals are in funding a candidate for the presidency.

Biden’s integrity in question

Joe Biden had previously sworn not to use super PACs, and his recent reversal on that pledge has drawn serious backlash from other Democrats.

His opponents, like Beto O’Rourke, called him out for going back on his promises, saying this shows that Biden clearly won’t stick to his campaign promises.

Joe Biden, along with his son, Hunter, are under extra scrutiny at the moment over business dealings in China and Ukraine.

We have been talking about President Trump’s impeachment inquiry for so long that Joe Biden has escaped scrutiny. Americans deserve to know where Biden’s loyalties lie.

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