Biden: Oz wants to undo ‘everything we have done’

President Joe Biden made a warning about Republican Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz on Friday, but it may not turn out how he thinks.

Biden tried to win voters for Democrat Senate candidate John Fetterman by threatening that Oz supports “undoing everything we have done.”

“It’s a choice: What direction do you want to see this country going?” Biden said during a campaign event. “The folks running this party are the MAGA Republicans. … They have a very different view about the government role.”

What Biden may or may not realize is that his words could help Oz’s candidacy more than hurt it.

What Americans want

First, there are many people, even some Democrats, who want nothing more than to see the undoing of Biden’s policies, given that they have resulted in sky-high inflation, higher gas prices with no end in sight, and millions of new illegal immigrants that will be a drag on our country for years to come.

Biden’s intended threat could be seen as a promise that a good portion of Americans would like to see come to fruition.

Next, polls have shown for at least a year now that the majority of the country thinks it is going in exactly the wrong direction.

What direction do most voters want to see the country going? Away from Biden and back toward the prosperity that they experienced under former President Donald Trump (even if they don’t necessarily want more of the Trump personality along with it).

Democrats devolving

Biden has devolved into attacking “MAGA Republicans” like they are some sort of extremist terrorists and touting the tiniest s0-called accomplishments like making gas prices retreat temporarily by releasing oil we could very well end up needed from the Strategic Oil Reserve and price controls on prescription drugs that will likely end up backfiring like everything else he has attempted.

When numerous prominent liberals including Tulsi Gabbard and Elon Musk come forward and say publicly that the Democrat party has become radicalized and no longer represents them, Democrats should know they have a problem that will only get worse in future elections.

Hispanics are moving toward the Republican party in droves, and several prominent Black conservative candidates are forcing that group to consider its entrenched Democrat voting patterns.

General disgust for the results of progressive policies has resulted in a palpable move toward the right, and Biden and the Democrats will see the results of their leftward lurch on November 9, no matter how many empty threats they make in the meanwhile.

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