Biden plans to outsource materials for electric cars despite ‘Buy American’ agenda: Reports

President Joe Biden came into office with a promise to support “Buy American” efforts, thus prioritizing domestic goods and services.

It appears as though his pledge does not apply to raw materials and resources used to build electric vehicles and batteries, however.

Sources provide insight into Biden plan

According to reports, the Biden administration reportedly plans to outsource mining and production to allied foreign nations around the world despite the availability of many resources and capabilities within the U.S.

Even as American miners, manufacturers, and union members who supported him stand ready to meet the needs of consumers, the president plans to farm out the mining of raw materials and other components in an ostensible bid to avoid battle with environmentalists and other advocacy groups.

Reuters cited two unnamed administration sources who confirmed Biden’s intentions.

The insiders indicated that, despite the president’s earlier vows to special interest groups at home, he is more concerned about placating environmentalists than guaranteeing American jobs.

Instead of issuing more permits in the U.S. for the production of the raw materials needed to advance green technologies, Biden is expected to rely on Australia, Canada, and Brazil, among other nations.

Shifting priorities

The outsourcing plan has not yet been finalized as the administration is said to be waiting for the conclusion of a year-long review of the nation’s various supply chains.

Smaller U.S. companies are poised to feel the brunt of the negative impacts of this arrangement, Reuters explained, while corporations in other nations stand to benefit tremendously.

The move would seem to contradict one of the president’s first executive orders after his inauguration earlier this year. His action was explicitly focused on making his “Buy American” priorities a reality in practice.

That Jan. 25 order was slated to close various loopholes that allowed for international outsourcing and insisted that U.S. taxpayer dollars only be spent on the purchase of American goods made with domestic components and resources.

Unfortunately, the latest reports on the matter appear to uncover yet another example of a politician betraying those who supported and voted for him. Of course, many critics are convinced is unlikely to be the last such example from the Biden administration.

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