Report: New poll suggests Biden could be out of race by Halloween

The results of the latest Monmouth University poll were released this week and it sent a massive shockwave throughout the Democrat primary race.

Fox News contributor Chris Stirewalt believes if the poll numbers are accurate, Joe Biden will be forced to quit the race before Halloween of this year.

Massive Drop for Biden

Throughout the Democrat primary, Joe Biden has taken a convincing lead. Biden was even leading the race before he ever announced his candidacy.

While he has drifted back at times, the fallback was never as extreme as it was in the latest Monmouth poll.

The poll, which was released on Monday, had both Sanders and Warren overtaking Joe Biden at 20% support.

Biden had slipped all the way down to third place at 19%. This is a drop of 13 points since the last Monmouth poll was conducted in June.

Biden Pushes Back

The Biden campaign has been wrought with controversy due to the many gaffes being committed by the candidate himself.

While there has been a somewhat steady decline in his numbers, the Biden campaign pushed back on this latest poll as being an outlier.

Even Monmouth has stated they were stunned by the results and believe this poll may not be representative of facts on the ground, supporting similar claims from the Biden campaign.

Monmouth attributed the poll results to the fact this race is so “volatile,” however, when you look at the polling numbers, the support for the other presidential candidates is right in line with virtually every other poll that has been conducted.

Harris came in around 8% and Booker and Buttigieg were floating right around the 5% mark, with everyone else falling in line below them.

No matter how you slice this, though, it does show the support for Joe Biden may not be quite as strong as the media would like us to believe.

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