Report: Biden admin ousts Border Patrol chief over ‘politics’

President Joe Biden has set about completely reversing just about everything that former President Donald Trump accomplished in terms of border security.

That apparently includes forcing Rodney Scott out of his nonpartisan role as chief of the U.S. Border Patrol, in a move that sources claim was politically motivated, the Washington Examiner reported exclusively this week.

Scott reportedly announced to staff Wednesday that he would be stepping down. Three sources told the Examiner that the “final decision” to get rid of the Border Patrol chief was made by Biden’s homeland security secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas.

His dismissal likely marks the end of Scott’s 29-year career with Border Patrol, capped off by his promotion to be chief in early 2020.

“Driven by politics”

Scott was said to have shared the news of his departure in a video video conference with regional leaders within the agency.

Several sources told the Examiner that Scott’s ouster had nothing to do with his performance in the role as chief over the past 18 months or even the current surge in migration along parts of the southern border, but rather, was “completely driven by politics” and, according to one of the sources, “unprecedented.”

The sources also claimed that another career official, Bob Perez, deputy commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), had been similarly pushed out by Biden for partisan purposes.

In fact, the Associated Press reported that Scott had been “forced out” of the job due, at least in part, to his enthusiastic embrace of former President Donald Trump’s border wall — which Biden has abruptly canceled — as well as his alleged refusal to fall in line with some of the Biden administration’s new policies.

“Relocate, resign, or retire”

The Examiner reported that Scott eventually made the news public with a post to his personal Facebook page that referenced a “three Rs letter” he had received: orders for him to be relocated, resign, or retire.

“I received my 3R letter today. For those not familiar, that is Federal government slang for the letter issued to [Senior Executive Service] level employees informing them of a directed reassignment,” Scott reportedly wrote. “The recipient has 3 options — relocate, resign, or retire. No rationale or reason is required, nor is it disciplinary.

“Just a simple needs of the service directed reassignment so the new administration can place the person they want in the position,” the outgoing Border Patrol chief added, noting that he would remain in his position for about 60 more days. “A huge thank you to all those who have reached out, prayed and supported me and my family, especially over these last few crazy months… [And] over 29 [years] is a pretty good run.”

According to a statement released Thursday by Acting Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Troy Miller, Scott will be replaced on an interim basis by his deputy chief, Raul Ortiz. It remains unclear when Biden plans to name an individual to permanently fill the role.

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