Biden order to force 'environmental justice' on federal agencies

April 22, 2023
Jen Krausz

President Joe Biden signed an executive order Friday to create an Office of Environmental Justice that will coordinate the implementation of environmental justice policies in federal agencies and taxpayer-funded organizations. 

Now officials will be required to develop what Breitbart called "costly" plans “to address the disproportionate impact of pollution and climate change on minority and tribal communities,” according to the New York Times.

“Will we preserve our planet for future generations?” Biden asked. “Under this order, environmental justice will become the responsibility of every single federal agency.”

Biden and press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that climate change is the biggest environmental problem the world faces, but there really is no evidence that this is true.

Virtue signaling

The new office is just going to be a way to spend a whole lot of money doing nothing that actually helps anything, because it allows Biden and the Democrats to virtue signal about climate change and pretend they are doing something about it.

The more people who join the cult of climate change, the more control the left can exert over society to get them to do exactly what they want in any situation.

Climate change and equity are two viewpoints that can be used to manipulate others; all the left has to do is say that something hurts the environment or isn't equitable and their lefty base lines right up to "fix" the situation.

It's a money grab and a way to keep people in line--kills two birds with one stone.

Scared to death

Imagine being a parent, scared to death what the air and water was going to do to your kids,” Mr. Biden said. “This kind of inequality and injustice goes against everything we stand for in this nation, but it continues to exist.”

How about fixing inflation instead? Every single month, families are out an average of $433 because of Bidenflation caused by wasteful spending like what Biden wants to do with this executive order.

That's $5,200 a year just to get the same housing, food, gas, and other items that people were able to get last year. Isn"t that a lot scarier to parents than climate change?

But Biden knows that as long as he's spending the way he is, he can't solve inflation. That's why he'd rather talk about climate change and equity, which he can at least pretend to solve, and people won't really be able to tell if he doesn't.


Republicans did not back the move. Representative Bruce Westerman, Republican of Arkansas and chairman of the Hous
Committee on Natural Resources, said, “The idea that creating a new office and launching new messaging campaigns will do anything other than waste tax dollars is laughable."

It's just exactly the kind of thing a President Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis would cut straight out of the budget without batting an eyelash.

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