Report: Biden officials plan evacuation of US embassy in Afghanistan, beg Taliban not to attack

President Joe Biden just embarrassed America by pleading with the Taliban not to attack the U.S. embassy in Kabul, Fox News reports. 

The plea from negotiators, first reported by The New York Times, comes as Taliban forces continue to strengthen their hold on Afghanistan as the U.S. withdraws all of its troops from the nation. In the meantime, the U.S. is reportedly looking to use its military to help evacuate Americans from the embassy in Afghanistan’s capital city before the Taliban gets there.

What’s going on?

The Taliban’s latest offensive drive began last week. It took the terror group only a single weekend to capture several Afghan cities, and the group kept their attacks going throughout the week.

On Thursday, the group captured Herat, Afghanistan’s third-largest city, and the group also claims to have captured the country’s second-largest city, Kandahar.

Now, it appears that the Taliban has its sights set on Kabul. In a bid to get the group to avoid the U.S. embassy there, negotiators have reportedly threatened to pull foreign aid to the war-torn country.

In a statement to Fox News, U.S. officials said the “embassy will remain open for now but will be reduced to a ‘small staff.'”

Troops heading out

It was former President Donald Trump who first put forth a plan to withdraw America’s troops from Afghanistan. Although initially hesitant, Biden decided to go along with this — but it seems he went about it the wrong way.

The president started things on a sour note by announcing that all U.S. soldiers would be out of Afghanistan by Sept. 11, the 20-year anniversary of the terror attacks that prompted America to put boots on the ground there.

At this point, roughly 95% of troops have left the country, Fox notes, apparently allowing the Taliban to resume control of areas once held back by U.S. forces.

Biden’s best work

And there lies the key difference between Trump and Biden as commanders in chief: Trump, for his part, conditioned the withdrawal of American troops on the Taliban falling in line. The Taliban, accordingly, was supposed to negotiate with the Afghanistan government a power-sharing deal.

The terror group has not followed through on that vow, however, and rather than holding the Taliban in check via military action, Biden has evidently settled for pleading with the Taliban not to harm Americans at the U.S. embassy.

It’s pretty safe to bet that none of this would be happening if Trump were still president. Is this really the best Biden can do?

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