‘Shut it down’: Biden WH official exposed over anti-ICE tweets

There is a growing segment of the ideological left that is openly hostile to federal law enforcement agencies that uphold the nation’s border security and immigration policies, such as Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

That radical view is present in the Biden administration by way of a recently hired official who has expressed her support for the “abolish ICE” movement and encouraged protesters to shut down ICE facilities, Fox News reported.

Natalie Montelongo, the new White House deputy director for political strategy and outreach, expressed her anti-ICE sentiment in a pair of tweets in 2018 that were saved with screenshots before they were deleted.

Anti-ICE tweets exposed

Montelongo’s first anti-ICE tweet was part of a broader criticism of then-President Donald Trump’s tough immigration and border security policies in May 2018, according to The Political Insider.

“This administration’s actions are not motivated by public safety concerns — they’re terrorizing immigrant communities. #ICE didn’t exist 15 years ago, it doesn’t have to exist now,” Montelongo tweeted.

In June 2018, in response to a story about protesters in Portland, Oregon, temporarily shutting down an ICE facility, Montelongo tweeted, “If you’re looking for a way to help — look up your nearest ICE office and shut-it-down.”

Montelongo has also served in the Obama administration, as a political director for Hillary for America, and as the national political director for the failed 2020 campaign of Democratic candidate Julian Castro.

Former ICE director: “This is by design”

During an appearance Tuesday on Fox & Friends, former ICE Director Tom Homan said he was not surprised by the anti-ICE sentiment expressed by Montelongo and even suggested that those messages may have helped get her the job with the Biden administration.

Discussing the current crisis at the southern border, Homan said, “This is unbelievable where we’re at as a nation. But look, they’ve been invited, right? Joe Biden made promises. They won’t be deported, they won’t be detained. They’ll get free health care. He’s going to shut down ICE.”

He decried how the Biden administration was quickly releasing detained illegal aliens into the country, often without a court date, and noted how ICE would be unable to apprehend and deport any of them thanks to presidential directives narrowing the list of those who could be deported.

“Their actions speak louder than the words,” Homan said. “This is open borders agenda. This is open borders. And this is what the Biden administration meant. This is by design. This isn’t by accident.”

Thus far, Biden hasn’t made any overt moves to abolish ICE, though he has certainly hamstrung the agency policy-wise. If he continues to surround himself with staffers who openly espouse anti-ICE and open borders rhetoric, however, the day may come when he will move to shut down the agency altogether.

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