Biden admin’s celebrated ‘genderfluid’ DOE official Sam Brinton charged with felony theft

Sam Brinton was celebrated in June as the first openly “genderfluid” and “non-binary” federal official when he was hired to serve as the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy’s deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition for the Biden administration.

Now, however, Brinton is facing a felony theft charge following an incident at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport in which he is alleged to have stolen the luggage of a female passenger, the Conservative Brief reported.

Theft and possession of stolen suitcase caught on video

Local Minnesota media outlet Alpha News was the first to report that Brinton is alleged to have stolen from the MSP airport on Sept. 16 a designer Vera Bradley suitcase and its contents valued at more than $2,300 after the female traveler who owned the bag had reported it missing.

Surveillance camera footage at the airport showed Brinton — who had arrived earlier without any checked luggage — take the suitcase off the baggage carousel, remove the bag’s ID tag, and then leave the area at a “quick pace.”

Police also reviewed subsequent footage that showed his return to the airport two days later with the same bag for a flight back to Washington D.C., and additional camera footage reviewed by police also showed Brinton had the same stolen suitcase at the Minneapolis hotel he stayed at that time as well as at D.C.’s Dulles airport for a trip to Europe a few weeks later.

When questioned by law enforcement about the missing bag in October, Brinton initially denied taking anything, then acknowledged that the bag wasn’t his but the clothes inside were, before finally admitting that none of it belonged to him. He further asserted that he had left the woman’s clothes at the hotel but had kept the bag with him.

Police instructed him on how to return the suitcase to its rightful owner, but as of the filing of court documents in late October, the luggage still hadn’t been returned and no clothes were recovered from the hotel where he claimed to have left them.

The Daily Mail reported that Brinton had been in Minneapolis between Sept. 16-18 for a special LGBTQ-themed conference for engineering students — Brinton is an MIT grad with multiple degrees — and had stayed at the same hotel where that conference was held, the InterContinental St. Paul Riverfront hotel.

DOE confirms leave

According to Fox News, if convicted of the felony charge of theft of a movable property without consent, Brinton could face up to five years in prison plus up to $10,000 in fines.

Brinton was quietly placed on leave and replaced in the interim last month in an unannounced move that happened to be caught by a group that monitors federal hires. A DOE spokesperson confirmed in a statement to Fox News, “Sam Brinton is on leave from DOE, and Dr. Kim Petry is performing the duties of Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition.

A separate report from Alpha News noted that though the alleged theft occurred on Sept. 16, Brinton wasn’t actually charged until Oct. 27, and is now scheduled to make his first appearance in a Hennepin County courtroom on Dec. 19.

Brinton’s attorney, however, has requested that the hearing be held remotely, due to supposed “financial and logistical issues” in traveling back and forth between D.C. and Minneapolis, the outlet noted, despite the fact that Brinton had made that trip before, is currently on leave from his job, and reportedly earns a salary of around $178,000 per year.

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