GOP Rep. Gallagher calls out Biden over ‘massive mistake’ of attempt to revive failed Iran nuclear deal

President Joe Biden made it clear during the 2020 campaign that he fully intended to resurrect the failed 2015 Iran nuclear deal that had been withdrawn from by his predecessor, former President Donald Trump, and there are rumors and speculative reports that a newly revised agreement could be imminent.

A revived nuclear deal with Iran would be a disastrous mistake, however, according to Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI), as it would only serve to further embolden and enrich the Iranian regime while simultaneously endangering Americans and their allies, Breitbart reported.

Renewed Iran nuclear deal is a “massive mistake” that will “endanger Americans”

“Iranian proxies continue to escalate their terrorist activities in the Middle East and against former U.S. officials,” Rep. Gallagher said in an exclusive interview with Breitbart. “But rather than ramp up the Trump administration’s maximum pressure campaign to deter further aggression, the Biden administration stands ready to hand the Iranians a blank check to fund their malign ambitions.”

The Wisconsin Republican was likely referencing multiple reports earlier this month, such as one from Politico, about a tentative European Union-brokered agreement on a renewed nuclear deal similar to the original deal that was formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action to limit Iran’s controversial nuclear program.

Though that agreement has not been finalized and not all of the terms have been made public, reports nonetheless indicate significant concessions on the part of the U.S. in lifting a multitude of economic sanctions against Iran in exchange for that nation returning to the guidelines of the original deal that it had almost immediately violated before the ink was dry.

Gallagher told Breitbart, “Reports suggest the Biden administration stands ready to give up significant U.S. sanctions leverage, provide the Iranian economy with a windfall worth hundreds of billions of dollars, and impose less nuclear restrictions on the Iranian regime than the original deal, making his deal even worse than President Obama’s.”

“This is a massive mistake that will destabilize the Middle East, empower Russia and China, and endanger Americans,” the congressman added.

A GOP Congress will undermine the deal if Biden doesn’t seek Senate approval

Rep. Gallagher also seemed to take a shot at President Biden for not simply re-engaging with the untrustworthy Iranian regime but also for apparently backing down from prior assertions to craft a “longer and stronger deal” to instead appear to have “negotiated a deal that is shorter and weaker.”

The congressman also insisted that Congress must have a “say in any negotiation,” chiefly through Senate ratification of any agreement, and suggested that a future Republican-led Congress would essentially pull the rug out from under Biden if he attempted to skirt around the legislative branch and deny it the opportunity to register its approval or disapproval.

“If the President continues to ignore these demands and does not ratify an agreement in the Senate, [then] when Republicans take back the House, we will oppose this flawed deal, view the agreement as non-binding, and work to reimpose and strengthen any sanctions lifted or weakened by the Biden administration,” Gallagher promised.

The deal could be close at hand

The Associated Press reported Wednesday that both the U.S. and Iran have reviewed the tentative EU-brokered deal and signaled their tacit approval, albeit with the usual caveats that some technical details still needed to be ironed out before a final agreement was reached.

Meanwhile, other Republicans in Congress have voiced their opposition to a renewed nuclear deal, as have allies like Israel and Saudi Arabia, so it remains to be seen if the Biden administration will exercise judicious care and reject this deal or, perhaps more likely, throw caution to the wind and obliviously celebrate an insane agreement with a sworn enemy that fully intends to eventually acquire catastrophically powerful nuclear weapons to use against its rivals.

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