Joe Biden missing from his own coronavirus response video: Report

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been missing in action ever since the coronavirus crisis forced the Democratic primary race into the background.

Biden’s campaign made an attempt to reconnect with voters by releasing a video on Saturday addressing President Donald Trump’s handling of coronavirus — but Biden himself was not in the video, according to the Washington Examiner.

Instead, Ron Klain, former President Barack Obama’s Ebola czar, explained Biden’s hypothetical plans.

Where is Joe Biden?

The fact that Biden himself isn’t explaining his own plans raises serious questions. Joe Biden is 78 years old and it’s been well-established that COVID-19 is especially dangerous for those in his age group. To add to the risk, Biden has a history of heart problems and strokes, making him even more vulnerable to the virus.

Understandably, his campaign workers have been wearing masks and gloves and taking serious precautions to protect Biden.

However, that still doesn’t explain why he hasn’t filmed his own videos explaining his policy ideas. Bringing in surrogates raises questions about Biden’s true health status.

Indeed, Democrats are beginning to take notice of Biden’s absence: the hashtag #WhereIsJoe was recently trending on Twitter.

Democrat operative Peter Daou tweeted, “People, I mean this sincerely: #WhereIsJoe? Trump is in front of the cameras every day, reassuring people, putting on the appearance of “leadership. Where is #Biden? Why isn’t he dominating the airwaves???”

Bernie steps up

President Donald Trump may not have started his coronavirus response on the right foot, but he has recovered quickly and shown strong leadership in his handling of the crisis.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s leadership is nonexistent at this critical time — not a good look for a man trying to show he can lead the nation.

Biden’s opponent, Bernie Sanders, is also in the at-risk demographic, but he’s busy churning out videos and policy proposals to address the crisis, as The Hill notes. Indeed, Sanders is stepping up and showing leadership, while Biden sits back and waits for the crisis to blow over — and voters are noticing the stark difference.

Biden’s campaign is at a critical point. Before the coronavirus hit, Biden was dominating the race, but all that is gone as the nation has descended into the grip of the pandemic. Biden will need to come out of hiding if he wants to maintain his position.

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