Bank records reveal Hunter Biden was paid millions by corrupt Ukrainian energy company: Report

At the heart of the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump is an accusation that the president improperly sought Ukrainian interference in the 2020 election by requesting an investigation into alleged corrupt dealings involving Hunter Biden, the son of 2020 hopeful and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Democrats and the media have summarily dismissed the allegations as baseless and politically-motivated — but a September report from Peter Schweizer shows there’s ample evidence of potential corruption by Hunter Biden to warrant a probe.

Report: Biden was paid millions

Writing for Fox News, Schweizer shared just a few of the findings that he unearthed following roughly three years of investigative digging for a book titled Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends. Published in 2018, the book dealt with Hunter Biden’s questionable dealings in Ukraine over the five years prior.

According to bank records obtained by Schweizer, Hunter Biden joined the board of a Ukrainian natural gas firm known as Burisma Holdings, despite not speaking Ukrainian or Russian — the two most prevalent languages in that country — or having any experience whatsoever in the energy production sector.

Those records also showed that a bank account associated with Hunter Biden received at least $3.1 million in payments from Burisma over a 16-month period.

During that same time frame, then-Vice President Joe Biden was the Obama administration’s lead official on Ukraine, and played a significant role in helping shape that nation’s policies on energy and anti-corruption — two areas of substantial impact on Burisma’s dealings.

Also within that same period, according to Schweizer, Burisma sought to capitalize on the name and influence of the Bidens for the business — namely, by way of Hunter Biden’s work to establish a legal defense team that consisted of American lawyers and consulting firms, which included former Obama administration Justice Department officials, according to a New York Times report from May 2019.

Wielding his influence

Schweizer also noted that Burisma was founded and led by a Ukrainian oligarch named Mykola Zlochevsky, who had previously served as the ecology minister under former pro-Russia Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich and was suspected of using that influential office to corruptly benefit Burisma.

Following the ousting of the Yanukovich regime, Burisma came under investigation by the new administration in that country for its corrupt dealings. Even prior to that — and before Hunter Biden had joined the board — British authorities had frozen roughly $23 million in Burisma’s assets as part of its own probe into the corrupt company.

Essentially, Schweizer’s findings strongly suggest that Burisma was a known corrupt entity that the vice president’s son nevertheless joined the board of and worked to help defend from investigations.

With that, there was and remains a legitimate basis for President Trump to request that Ukraine look deeper into Burisma and the role that Hunter Biden played there.

It has absolutely nothing to do with Joe Biden’s current campaign for president — and absolutely everything to do with alleged corrupt dealings in years past.

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