Biden might visit Israel amid Israel-Palestine war

October 16, 2023
Robert Ayers

President Joe Biden may make a trip to Israel this week. 

Axios reports:

Israel and the U.S. are discussing a possible visit by President Biden to Israel later this week, three Israeli and U.S. officials confirmed on Sunday.

This comes amid the war that has broken out between Israel and Palestine.

The war has followed the devastating Oct. 7, 2023, terror attack that Hamas launched on the Israeli people, killing upwards of 1,300 and injuring many others.

More details on the potential Biden visit

It appears that the idea of Biden visiting Israel amid the ongoing conflict came from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Axios reports, "The Israeli officials said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu invited Biden to Israel during their phone call on Saturday. Channel 12 first reported the invitation."

At the time of this writing, it does not appear that Biden has made the decision about whether or not to make the trip.

Breaking 911, on Sunday, reported, "Senior administration official says Biden considering trip to Israel in coming days, although travel has not been finalized."

Axios similarly reports that "A U.S. official said a possible visit to the region is being considered, but no decision has been made."

What would be the point of the visit?

A Biden trip to Israel would show that the United States stands behind Israel and against the likes of Hamas and Hezbollah. And, perhaps, this showing of support from the United States could cause these terrorist groups to back down some. At least, this would be the theory behind a Biden visit.

Along these same lines, one could make the argument that Biden, now that he has been invited, has to make the trip to Israel because, if he does not, then it may suggest that he does not stand behind Israel and against the Palestinians. If this argument holds any water, then we ought to expect to see Biden in Israel soon.

In the meantime, Biden has been offering his support to Israel through public statements. Biden, unlike some other members of his Democratic Party, has made it clear that he supports Israel's right to defend itself. The president has also condemned the atrocities committed by Hamas against the Israelis.

Biden, however, did waver a bit recently when he stated:

We must not lose sight of the fact that the overwhelming majority of Palestinians had nothing to do with Hamas’s appalling attacks, and are suffering as a result of them.

Many, including some Israeli officials, dispute this arguing that the Palestinian are complicit as a result of their failure to do more to stop the likes of Hamas.

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