Biden to release medical records before February caucuses

The Democrats’ best hope to defeat Donald Trump may lie in former Vice President Joe Biden. But the problem with Biden is that his health is a major question mark. The campaign trail is taking its toll and his performance is not inspiring confidence.

After weeks of controversy, Biden shocked voters by announcing that he will release his medical records to combat the unflattering reports that his age is catching up with him. 

Biden confident

Biden confidently said, “There is no reason for me not to release my medical records.”

Biden hasn’t disclosed his records since 2008 when doctors discovered he had an irregular heartbeat. Now he is 76-years-old, and his problems appear to go beyond an irregular heartbeat.

Still, Biden seems unfazed by the questions. He even acknowledged that the questions about his age were fair. But he didn’t address the myriad of unsettling health issues he seems to be experiencing right now.

At a CNN town-hall on September 5th, a blood vessel burst in Biden’s left eye, filling the eye with blood. He has also committed so many verbal blunders that some healthcare professionals have begun to question his mental acuity.

Most recently, Biden seemed to struggle to keep his teeth in his mouth during the Democrat presidential debates this week.

Dwindling Endurance

The release of his medical records may shed light on what is happening to him. However, if Biden has actually been diagnosed with a serious condition it is unlikely he would release the confirmation of it before the Iowa caucus in February.

Democrats need Biden to be healthy, or at the very least, they need him to maintain the illusion of perfect health. As the most moderate mainstream candidate, Biden is the clear front-runner.

Biden has a recognizable name, doesn’t create huge division amongst Democrat voters, and has an impressive resume. He is the Democrats’ only realistic shot at defeating Trump.

But he very well may be too old to endure the stress. At 76, his age is starting to show. Biden has held remarkably fewer campaign events than his main rivals, and the list of almost-daily gaffes are not helping his cause.

Biden’s known medical history includes multiple brain aneurisms, asthma, allergies, and he has had multiple emergency surgeries. The public will surely wait with bated breath to see what his current medical records show.

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