Biden appears to get lost on stage, again, while searching for exit after Pittsburgh speech

Aside from his tendency for gaffes and misstatements, President Joe Biden seems to have developed a new habit in which he appears as though he is lost on stage following a speech and is incapable of finding a stage exit from his position behind the podium.

That latest example occurred Thursday following a speech in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, after which Biden looked to be “lost and confused” as he searched one way and then another for an exit from the stage, the New York Post reported.

Biden also reportedly seemed a bit confused shortly after that speech when he stopped in at a local sandwich shop for lunch and was peppered with a handful of questions by the gaggle of pool reporters in tow.

Lost on stage again

President Biden was in Pittsburgh on Thursday to ostensibly promote rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure — the speech was delivered near a bridge that had collapsed last year — but in reality, was also a speech in support of Lt. Gov. John Fetterman’s senatorial bid.

After he concluded his remarks, Biden first turned to his right and stopped to snap a salute — though it isn’t apparent who he was saluting, as pictures only show a giant excavator machine and Secret Service agents in that direction.

He then continued to partially turn toward his right again — so that he was now looking in the opposite direction — before then turning back the way he originally came to do a sort of nearly 360-degree twist to then face toward his left of the podium and, apparently finally spotting the exit, pointed in that direction and mumbled something to himself as he took a few half-jogging steps to reach the stairs down from the stage.

Clay Travis, of the Outkick sports and politics website and cohost of the “Clay and Buck” radio show, shared that snippet of video and commented: “How is it possible that Joe Biden never knows how to leave the stage? Every speech. He’s always lost if there isn’t someone to immediately grab his elbow and lead him.”

Confused by the reporter’s questions

The apparent confusion did not end there, though, according to the Post, but rather seemed to continue when he visited the sandwich shop with the handful of local elected officials who had joined him and was asked by a reporter why there weren’t more Democratic candidates who wanted to have him personally campaign on their behalf.

Biden reportedly approached the reporter at a very close distance and mumbled “What are you talking about?” — among other indecipherable things — before somewhat replying to that and a smattering of other questions.

The Post noted that this was far from the first time that the president had either appeared to be lost on stage or seemed perplexed and incoherent when questioned by a reporter — or both — and, given the seemingly increased frequency with which such instances have occurred in recent weeks and months, is unlikely to be the last such occurrence.

That, of course, just further fuels the narrative that Biden, who turns 80 in November, has shown himself to be too old and too much in a state of mental decline to effectively serve as the nation’s elected leader.

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