Joe Biden loses polling lead in Pennsylvania, statistically tied in key swing state

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign may be starting to collapse with the election only weeks away.

A new Restoration PAC/Trafalgar Group poll released Monday out of Pennsylvania shows that President Donald Trump and Biden are essentially tied, Breitbart reported. The poll showed Biden leading 47.5% to Trump’s 46.4% which is essentially a tie as the poll has a margin for error of +/- 2.96%.

Other polls in the battleground state of Pennsylvania are also showing statistical ties between Biden and the president.

Too close for comfort

Despite all the advantages that the Biden campaign has enjoyed, Trump is still tying the Democrats in the swing states that will likely settle the election.

What makes things even worse for the Biden campaign is that just last week they held a solid 7-point lead in the state, according to FiveThirtyEight.

All this combined with the fact that polls don’t necessarily guarantee anything for the Biden campaign. Former Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton had to learn that the hard way in 2016.

“It looks like the race is essentially tied across the important upper Midwestern swing states. We believe President Trump has the stronger message down the stretch that will tip the balance his way,” Restoration PACfounder and President Doug Truax said, according to Breitbart.

Race far from over

What might be a bigger factor in swinging the race is the absence of Biden from the campaign trail as major revelations about the former vice president and his son, Hunter Biden, have surfaced.

With Biden retreating back to his basement in Delaware, the news will be dominated by these damaging revelations that all but prove the allegations of corruption that Trump has talked about for the last year.

These latest polls out of Pennsylvania should have Democrats terrified. The election is two weeks away and the momentum is in Trump’s favor.

Biden has the media, Silicone Valley, and the entire rabid progressive left behind him and yet it’s still a close race.

One has to wonder how many politically inactive Americans will come out on Election Day to vote for Trump. Biden needs to win electoral votes, which means winning middle America swing states. While it is too soon to call, it is completely possible that 2016’s long-awaited sequel is about to be released.

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