Joe Biden loses his cool when asked about his son’s Ukraine business

For some reason, the media has been giving Joe Biden a pass on the obvious conflict of interest he had in Ukraine and China due to his son’s business dealings.

But the Daily Mail reports that when Joe Biden was asked about it by a journalist, the former vice president’s long-held facade collapsed as he absolutely lost his mind.

Don’t Challenge Joe…

For years, there have been rumors floating around D.C. that Joe Biden has a legendary temper. That temper was on display when he was asked about his son’s Ukraine business interests.

Biden says there is not now and never was a conflict of interest. But if there was no conflict of interest, then why did his son leave his board position when Joe Biden announced his candidacy?

If there was nothing wrong, there should be no problems with Hunter Biden holding the position, right?

Protesting a Bit Too Much

If Biden did nothing wrong, the one way to put an end to the rumors is by inviting another investigation — a real investigation. As Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has stated, the investigation should be conducted by an outside, non-partisan source.

It is not exactly a secret that when Republicans investigate Republicans and when Democrats investigate Democrats, everyone is found innocent. The opposite is true when the parties investigate each other. Point being: congressional hearings are a complete waste of time because we all know the outcome well before these committees reach their conclusion.

Look back at the Clinton impeachment as a prime example. After being impeached by the House, a Democrat-controlled Senate let Clinton off the hook, even though he was clearly guilty.

Joe Biden is running for president and Democrats want to look past his possible corruption because if he is found to be guilty, it could possibly benefit Trump (since Biden is currently the frontrunner for the Democratic primary).

The fact that Biden is a major presidential candidate should make it even more imperative that we found out the truth in this matter.

An investigation, if Biden is innocent, will only help his case in exposing Trump. So why is Joe getting so angry when people even hint that a new investigation needs to take place?

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