Biden looked 'unsteady and confused' returning from vacation, expert says

 January 5, 2024

President Joe Biden's age-related decline is cause for concern for a variety of reasons for the Democratic Party -- and for the nation as a whole. 

Over the past year alone, his gaffes, word salads, falls, and overall confusion have led many to believe that, politics aside, he's simply too old to carry out the business of a United States president.

He looks weak and feeble, and that's not exactly the image that the most powerful nation on Earth should project. Some even argue that his condition is a national security risk.

The most recent display of his elderly, confused status came at the end of a New Year's jaunt to St. Croix for a Caribbean vacation.

What happened?

The Irish Star reported that body language experts, upon examining footage of Biden returning from vacation, said the 81-year-old president looked "unsteady and confused."

President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden spent the holiday week in St. Croix, reportedly bunking with Democratic donors Bill and Connie Neville.

Body language expert Judi James examined the president's movements upon his return to Washington D.C. and provided a daunting assessment of the condition of the United States president.

"Walking to the plane and mounting the steps, Biden appears unsteady and confused to the point where it looks painful to see him without someone nearby to offer assistance if needed,” James said.

She added, "He arrives at the top with his knees bent, which is a very common problem that happens with age, where the legs get up steps faster than the torso."

James pointed out what seems to be more common than not these days with President Biden, in that he's always confused as to where to go, whether stepping off a plane or attempting to exit a stage.

"Where we see a moment of what looks like confusion though is when he turns to bend and wave. Turning back he appears momentarily unsure where to go," James said.

Polls say it

Biden's age, according to numerous polls, is a real problem for Democratic voters of all ages. Not only are they not excited about him as a president, they're also worried about his physical and cognitive health.

Many believe the DNC should replace Biden with a younger, fresher candidate who stands a remote chance at facing Trump in the general election. Only time will tell if they make that choice.

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