Joe Biden tells world leaders to talk to Pence instead of Trump, report says

Former Vice President Joe Biden just crossed a line.

Biden unknowingly admitted he blatantly violated the Logan Act.

The Logan Act

The Logan Act was enacted by Congress in 1799.

The legislation specifically prohibits private citizens from unauthorized correspondence with foreign leaders “in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States.”

This legislation was specifically put in place due to several highly influential citizens trying to circumvent the president in negotiations with France immediately following the United States gaining its independence.

It is that last part everyone needs to pay particular attention to when dissecting Biden’s own words.

The Biden Admission

Biden interviewed with Anderson Brower, who was penning a new book, “First in Line: Presidents, Vice Presidents and the Pursuit of Power.”

Biden reportedly stated, “The king of Jordan comes to meet with him [President Trump] and gets in a helicopter to come meet with me in Delaware.”

“What I do is this, whenever that occurs, I pick up the phone and I call Mike [Pence].”

“What I tell these leaders, who are somewhat diffident about the president, I suggest they go see Mike.”

“I explain it this way: I say that a lot of this doesn’t fall within the president’s bandwidth, because he has no experience in this area.”

Now read those words very carefully when taking the actual wording of the Logan Act into consideration.


If a world leader is “diffident” about Trump, they technically have a problem with him.

If they are talking to Biden and he is fact “negotiating” or “advising” them on behalf of the United States, he is guilty of violating the Logan Act.

The fact that he is blatantly undermining the President is just the cherry on top of this very tasty sundae.

Biden IS a private citizen now.

And, as far as we know, Trump has given him zero authority to discuss ANY problems or political circumstances with foreign leaders.

The mere fact that he taking those meeting is a violation of the Logan Act.

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The fact that he is recommending a circumvention of Trump is the exact reason the Logan Act was put in place back in 1799.

There is only on real response needed here by our Justice Department… Lock Him Up!

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