Biden again reveals list of pre-selected reporters at press conference, WH refuses to answer why

President Joe Biden held a post-midterm elections press conference on Wednesday to discuss a variety of issues and, once again, he revealed that he had a prepared list of reporters to call on.

Unfortunately, Biden’s White House asserted when questioned that they are “not sharing” who is on the list, how a reporter gets on the list, or why a list of reporters to call on is even necessary for the president, according to the Daily Caller.

“I’ve been given a list …”

President Biden opened up his Wednesday press conference — his first such major event of the sort since January — with a long speech about the elections and the purported accomplishments thus far and future plans of his administration.

“Now, I’ve been given a list of 10 people that I’m supposed to call on. And you’re all supposed to ask me one question, but I’m sure you’ll ask me more,” Biden said after his lengthy opening remarks. “And so let me start off with a list I’ve been given.”

The Daily Caller noted that Biden then proceeded to field multiple questions from each of the specifically called upon reporters, who hailed from outlets like the Associated Press, CBS, CNN, Reuters, ABC Radio, TheGrio, Bloomberg, NBC News, and The New York Times.

This, despite the fact that there were reportedly more than 100 journalists in attendance at the press conference, each of whom presumably would have had at least one question to ask the president in one of his decidedly rare full press conferences.

White House “not sharing” info about Biden’s lists

The Daily Caller reported that it asked the White House why President Biden was provided with a list of reporters and how it was determined who would be included on the list, but White House principal deputy press secretary Olivia Dalton replied, “Eh, not sharing. I don’t have anything to share with you on that.”

The outlet attempted to press the issue on why the White House wouldn’t divulge any additional information about the list but received the same response from Dalton — “I don’t have anything to share with you on that.”

Notably, this is not the first time that Biden has revealed that he is provided with a list of pre-approved reporters to call on during press conferences, nor is it the first time that the White House has been cagey in response to questions about the staffer-prepared lists of reporters for the president.

The New York Post reported in November of last year about Biden’s repeated and apparent use of a reporters list, as well as at times a “cheat sheet” with pictures and names of the reporters — and possibly even the questions they will ask — during press conferences.

That would include his first major press conference in March 2021, at a June 2021 summit in Switzerland with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in August 2021 after his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, in September 2021 while touring Hurricane Ida damage in Louisiana, and then in November 2021 at the G20 summit in Italy.

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