Biden plans last-minute return to the campaign trail after Trump calls him out for hiding in ‘his basement’

Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden has been forced to make a change of plans with Election Day less than a week away.

According to Breitbart, President Donald Trump said Biden had “waved a white flag” by staying off the campaign trail in the days leading up to the election. In response, Biden promised to break his hiatus with an in-person event in Wilmington, Delaware, as Breitbart reported.

Sleepy Joe forced out

If anyone could get Sleepy Joe out of his basement, it’s Donald Trump. But the question now is: can the former vice president make up for lost time?

“He doesn’t leave his basement,” Trump said of Biden in a talk with reporters in Pennsylvania on Monday, according to Breitbart. “This guy doesn’t leave his basement. He is a pathetic candidate, I will tell you that.”

It didn’t take more than an hour for Biden to heed the president’s warning, announcing a live campaign stop in his home state.

The sudden shift came after Joe Biden only did three events the whole of last week, according to Breitbart, while President Trump jetted up and down the East Coast in the span of a day.

A low-energy campaign

Biden’s low-energy campaign is leaving many Democrats confused as to why the man at the top of their ticket isn’t going on the offensive. Has the Biden campaign become overconfident?

It’s something even President Trump isn’t sure about.

“I don’t know, there’s something going on,” he said at a recent rally in New Hampshire, according to Breitbart. “Somebody said it’s strategy, it’s not, because really, strategy would be coming out.”

If you can’t take the heat…

Indeed, if Biden had strategy on his mind, it seems he’s failed in that regard. The former vice president’s polling leads have been slowly slipping as the weeks have gone by, especially in battleground states, and until now, Biden has done little to address that issue.

Of course, it doesn’t help matters that the headlines have been dominated by allegations of corruption on the part of Biden’s family. While Democrats argue that the ballooning scandal isn’t Biden’s fault, a former family insider says that Joe Biden was very much in-the-know about the nefarious international business dealings that his son, Hunter, was engaged in, as Breitbart reported separately.

After months of sniping at President Trump, the former vice president is finding himself thrust into the spotlight with just days to go until voters hit the polls. Can he take the heat? Only time will tell.

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