Biden largely avoids the press as Afghanistan debacle unfolds

It’s back to the basement for President Joe Biden.

Just like during his 2020 presidential campaign, it appears Biden is adopting a strategy of hiding from the American public as he wrestles with the botched withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, Fox News reports

As Fox notes, Biden was nowhere to be seen on Thursday as the crisis continued to unfold across the world; he held no press briefings and gave no public remarks on anything, let alone the situation in Afghanistan.

The day prior, he largely avoided questions on the topic in a presser, opting instead to focus on COVID-19 and the question of whether there should be mask requirements in schools this fall.

Virtual silence from the Oval Office

Meanwhile, Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul has been in Taliban control for roughly a week now.

That in itself is bad enough, but add to it the fact that the terrorist group is now in possession of billions of dollars of U.S. weaponry — as well as the fact that Americans are still stuck behind enemy lines — and you’d think this would be a situation in which the president of the United States would want to speak to the American people.

But from Biden, we’ve gotten little more than silence on the issue.

Biden responded to the Taliban’s takeover on Monday with a brief address in which he blamed the situation on both former President Donald Trump and Afghan troops, who he said were not willing to fight.

After his misdirected blame, it was back to the basement for Biden.

Rinse and repeat

Back on the podium two days later, Biden barely broached the topic of the Taliban during Wednesday’s presser before rushing out without taking a single question from reporters, according to The Daily Wire.

Amid criticism over his silence, Biden again emerged from hiding to give a rather cozy interview on ABC News, where host George Stephanopolous asked the president various questions about Afghanistan but never really pressed him on anything too difficult. Then, yet again, it was back to the basement for Biden, who made no press appearances Thursday.

It’s become clear: When the going gets tough, Biden hides until things get easier. It’s embarrassing behavior from a U.S. president.

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