Biden kowtows to radical leftist eco-warriors with decision that could kill Alaskans

March 16, 2023
Ryan Ledendecker

President Joe Biden is losing support by the second from independents and even from within his own party in order to appease an insanely radical element of the Democratic Party bent on "saving the environment" but absolutely refusing to follow any kind of logic or science. 

According to Fox News, former President Donald Trump negotiated a deal that would bring the construction of a life-saving road to a remote part of the Alaskan wilderness. But apparently the Biden administration isn't having it.

Biden's Department of Interior (DOI) this week withdrew Trump's land exchange deal, killing the project and putting innocent lives at risk.

The road would have connected the residents of King Cove to life-saving resources.

Why did they pull it?

The deal has been tied up in the legal process for some time, but it finally came to a head with the DOI's announcement.

"The debate around approving the construction of a road to connect the people of King Cove to life-saving resources has created a false choice, seeded over many years, between valuing conservation and wildlife or upholding our commitments to Indigenous communities," DOI Secretary Deb Haaland said in a statement.

"I reject that binary choice."

Haaland added: "I am a lifelong conservationist, and I believe deeply in the need to protect our lands and waters and honor our obligations to Tribal Nations."

Fox explained the situation:

The proposed short, gravel, one-lane road would cut through the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge in southwestern Alaska, connecting the small community in King Cove to an all-weather airport in nearby Cold Bay. Environmentalists have repeatedly argued a road would threaten the wilderness and wildlife habitat of the refuge, which was established in 1960.


Governor weighs in

Republican Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy fired back at Biden's Interior Department chief.

"While Secretary Haaland claims that she wants to consider alternative land exchanges, that will push the entire process back to square one and place the lives of King Cove residents at risk today," Dunleavy said Tuesday. "The fact is her decision to halt the land swap increases the likelihood that a resident in King Cove won’t be able to receive life-saving medical treatment in time due to bad weather at the village's airstrip."

"It makes zero sense that Secretary Haaland would want to deprive Alaskans of the life-saving services the road would provide access to."

It's incredible and tragically sad that the Biden administration would buckle to grossly exaggerated claims and predictions by a small element of militant leftist eco-warriors. But then again, it shouldn't come as a surprise.

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