Biden jokes that his VP pick is Fox News reporter Peter Doocy

The entire country is eagerly waiting to hear the name of presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s running mate, and as such, the former VP was able to have a little fun with a cable news reporter on Saturday.

When Fox News’ Peter Doocy caught up with Biden during a bike ride in Delaware and asked if he had yet made his selection, Biden answered in the affirmative, and when asked that person’s identity, Biden responded, “You,” as the Daily Caller reported.

Running mate chosen?

Speculation has been swirling that perhaps Biden has indeed made his choice, and all that is left to do is announce the decision.

As such, when Doocy elicited a response from the former vice president in which he declared that the pick had indeed been made, it was a newsworthy development indeed.

It was Biden’s response to Doocy’s follow-up question, however, that deflated hopes that a scoop had actually been obtained. Watch:

Once footage of the exchange went viral, the Biden campaign went into damage control, saying that the presumptive nominee had only been joking.

Field narrows

The field of candidates for the number-two spot on the ticket appears to have narrowed in recent days, with many pundits believing that the top contenders for the role are Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) and former Obama administration official Susan Rice, and all three candidates present some serious hurdles the Democratic Party will need to overcome should any one of them ultimately get the nod.

Sen. Harris notoriously attacked Biden during her time as one of his primary opponents, linking him to segregation and coming close to labeling him a racist himself.

Rep. Bass has some significant controversies of her own, including past praise of communist leaders including Cuba’s Fidel Castro.

Rice, as a high-level member of the Obama administration, has some problematic history of her own, including her 2012 appearances on numerous Sunday talk shows in which she failed to mention the terrorist motivation behind the deadly attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, despite knowledge to the contrary.

Initially, Biden pledged to announce his vice presidential choice on or about Aug. 1, only to postpone until at least Aug. 10, so for now, the veepstakes prognosticators likely still have a bit more time to have their fun.

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