Joe Biden commits jaw-dropping gaffe on campaign trail

Joe Biden has been forced to step up his previously lackluster campaign schedule and it is, once again, taking a toll on the 77-year-old candidate for the Democratic Party nomination.

Biden is well-known for gaffes and forgetfulness, but his most recent mental collapse takes the cake. While at a campaign stop in Texas on Monday, Biden referred to the preamble of the Declaration of Independence as “the thing.”

Sleepy Joe strikes again

Early on in this campaign, Joe Biden made gaffe after gaffe. At one point, he seemed to cut back his appearances in order to get more rest and to perhaps limit the prospect of further embarrassment.

The gaffes did in fact seem to dry up once he pulled back on the number of appearances he made.

After Biden suffered defeats in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada, however, he had no choice but to hit the campaign trail hard to try to save South Carolina and keep his campaign alive.

In the process of doing that, Biden began to revert to his old ways. Some of his miscues have been funny, some have been concerning, and some have been offensive to patriotic Americans.

It is a reasonable assumption that most people don’t know the preamble of the Declaration of Independence word for word, but most are also not running for president.

Biden is asking the American people to elect him to the nation’s highest office, and yet when he tried to cite that foundational document, he fell apart. “We hold these truths to be self-evident.  All men and women created by you know, you know the thing,” Biden garbled, to the shock of all the attendees. Watch:

Release the records

In December, CNBC reported that Joe Biden had finally released his health records. According to what was provided, Joe Biden was considered to be a “healthy” and “rigorous” candidate.

What we have not seen, however, is a thorough check of Biden’s mental health and acuity, and that appears to be where the problems lie.

In recent days, he has made some rather epic mistakes that are all going viral on the internet, such as confusing Fox News’ Chris Wallace for NBC’s Chuck Todd and mistakenly calling Super Tuesday “Super Thursday.”

If Americans are being asked to put this man in the Oval Office, they have a right to know if he is in fact suffering from serious cognitive decline.

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